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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Annie Leaves Hong Kong, Covert Affairs “Trompe le Monde” 

Photo Credit: Piper Perabo
Photo Credit: Piper Perabo

Covert Affairs finally wrapped up the long arc with Henry that began at the end of last season–or really at the beginning of it if you count the moment Jai blew up in the diner. It was a long, winding, perilous road not just for Annie and Auggie but the Campbells, Calder, and Helen. We finally got the closure we needed, although I’d bet Annie will still have some demons to deal with next season.

As the season finale begins, we pick up in Hong Kong and Calder has indeed gone back Stateside with their informant and Annie has walked right into Henry’s trap, on purpose. Auggie, sensing the do-or-die mission she’s set herself up for, makes his way to the U.S. Consulate and orchestrates an op to keep her safe and get her out alive. There’s a wrinkle in the plan that reveals Braithwaite’s been working with Henry but that tangent is quickly resolved. Aside from that and a few tense moments where it looks like Henry will hand her off to the Chinese, Annie never seems to fear a loss of control.

When she gets away and doubles back to face Henry–at long last–in an empty alley, we know it’s only going to end one of two ways, or really just the one since Piper Perabo isn’t going anywhere. Henry asks Annie how she found him and she says it doesn’t matter. He tells her it always matters. But to her, it doesn’t, not anymore. And she puts two in his chest (but not one in his head) and then steps over his body on her way out of the alley.

Her journey’s not done yet–Chinese intelligence and Hong Kong PD are looking for her and while Auggie scrambles to get her an exfil, Calder reveals to the DPD that Annie is alive. Annie ends up at the ferry but isn’t sure she can make it to the boat. Auggie tells his liaison to find a way–money no object.

And then we follow Chinese intelligence onto the ferry and Annie’s not there. Out the window, we see her sitting on the back of a cigarette boat. She’s talking to Auggie on the phone and telling him it’s nice on the water. He tells her it’s a half-day’s sail to a US Carrier group that will bring her home. Then he puts her on the phone with Joan and Arthur and they happily share their news that baby boy Mackenzie Campbell has arrived. We see them weary but blissful in the hospital. Joan tells Annie to come home safe and then Auggie tells Annie he’ll see her in DC. He hangs up and everything in him relaxes and he finally smiles that she’s safe and sound. I have always loved Chris Gorham’s smile and it was so nice to see it again.

We go back to Annie sitting on the deck of the boat, hugging her knees, as the sun sets on Hong Kong Harbor and the boat enters open waters. Her family avenged. Free. She’s peaceful even if not entirely at peace. Piper Perabo just nails the complexity of everything Annie’s been through and everything that’s still ahead when she gets home.

Moby and Damien Jurado sing “Almost Home” and I think it’s the most perfect moment in 59 episodes.

We’ll see you next summer. Thanks for reading!

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