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Revenge “Secrecy” 

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC


We know there is going to be a wedding but Daniel, Daniel, Daniel is being a very bad groom.  It seems that he is starting to really become a Grayson man.

Here’s what we know.

-Daniel has been spending time with Sara and “bumps” into her at the Farmer’s Market. She reminds him that he is getting married in two weeks to Emily.  (Of course she wants to still see him) Daniel leaves and when Sara turns around Emily is standing there.

-Emily “cries” to Sara about how she is worried about Daniel and doesn’t know what is wrong with her lately. Sara insists she is not a home wrecker.

-Victoria is not happy when Sara says she isn’t interested in breaking up Emily and Daniel.  But of course Victoria tries to manipulate her and convince Sara that Emily is not the right person for Daniel. What would an episode be like without Victoria manipulating someone?  Not Revenge.

– Jack finds out that Aiden is going to be staying with Nolan and that he will be leaving with Emily when the whole Revenge mission is over.  He is not happy about it at all.

-Charlotte contacts Aiden to help her with a situation.  When she was overseas, she posed for “artistic” photos aka nude photos.  Now the guy stole her phone and is trying to blackmail her for $40,000.  She asks Aiden to fix this for her because she knew he “fixed” things for her parents. (Little do they all know!) Charlotte gives Aiden her computer. (Talk about trusting or just dumb.)

-Aiden meets the blackmailer at the Stowaway and beats him to a pulp. Jack is pissed but Aiden gets the job done for Charlotte.

-Conrad informs Margaux that he is going to a different publisher for his memoirs.  Of course now she knows he is hiding something. Good job, Sherlock!

-Conrad takes Daniel to a beautiful apartment with a butler.  This has been passed down to each Grayson man that their wives do not know about.  This is where the men bring their mistresses. How much more can we all be disgusted by Conrad?  The answer is apparently a lot.

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

-Victoria throws Daniel and Emily a co-ed bridal shower.  She says she has a game for them to play.  A take-off of “This is Your Life,” Conrad blindfolds Daniel and a friend from high school appears.  When Victoria blindfolds Emily she thinks that this is going to make Sara change her mind.  (Oh, yeah, Sara is catering the shower.  Victoria, Victoria, Victoria) she reveals Emily’s first husband.  But what this man reveals is Emily married him for convenience so he can stay in the country.  His life partner is there to thank Emily. Victoria looks like a fool and Sara agrees.

-While Emily is catching up with her ex-hubby, Daniel meets up with Sara at his new apartment for cheating.  He can’t promise Sara anything but he knows he should not marry Emily. He gives her the necklace that he had originally bought for her before the accident happened. (Emily had seen this necklace earlier and thought it was for her so she bought a gift for Daniel.) Daniel puts it on Sara and then they kiss.

-Victoria reveals to Emily about the secret lair that the Grayson men have. The wives have always known about it and she passes the information to Emily.  She has her call and the butler says that Daniel and his lady friend have retired for the night. Victoria is satisfied.

-Jack goes to see Emily and tells her what happened at the Stowaway with Aiden.  He says that even as a kid she was secretive. He would see her wish upon a shooting star and she would never tell him what the wish was.  She tells him she wished that nothing would ever change. (They still love each other!)

-Aiden uses Charlotte’s computer to get into Grayson Manor. He tells Nolan he has to do something but it has to stay between them.  (Oh, keeping Emily out of the loop.  Not ideal!)

-Daniel comes home and Emily has another gift for him.  She tells him about following him and confronting Sara.  She also reveals that she is pregnant and the gift in the box is a sonogram. (Sorry, buddy.  I guess you are going to have to marry Emily!)

-Biggest bombshell: Margaux gets a call that someone will reveal to her all of Conrad Grayson’s secrets.  Who is this mystery person?  Lydia Davis! (Hello, she is supposed to be dead!)

The wedding is drawing so close. Unfortunately it won’t be next Sunday so see you next time!

Revenge is on ABC on Sunday nights at 9/8c.

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