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We Need to Know: How Can William Be Stopped on Haven? 

Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins
Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins

Well, that was certainly an unexpected wrinkle. In another no good, very bad day for Audrey Parker (after season two’s “Audrey Parker’s Day Off” and “Silent Night“) where the world around her gets wiggy without her, she learned that she maybe, possibly has been atoning for the Troubles because she created them. Or so says William. That’s a little kernel she keeps to herself, and Nathan shoots her for it–but not in the way that you think.

We begin as a case comes to a close, and at the end of the day, Nathan makes my heart sing when he turns to Audrey and says, “Let’s go home.” Once there, they are perfectly adorable and flirty and hot and Nathan tells Audrey how glad he is to see her again now that she’s de-Lexi’d herself. She worries about William’s claim on her and Nathan tries to talk her down and lighten the mood by changing the subject and carrying her off to bed. That really lovely scene of tranquil, happy domesticity is short-lived.

Photo Credit: Syfy/Michel Tompkins
Photo Credit: Syfy/Michel Tompkins

When Audrey wakes up, she’s in an AlterHaven where Duke is a detective, Papa Crocker is the Chief, the Teagues are downright preppy, and Nathan is no longer a Wuornos–he’s a Hansen, and a doctor. Audrey is sure this is William’s doing and then William turns up and says it’s not him, but he’s going to work his way through a list of possibles until he kills the right one to get them back to old Haven so she can get on with the business of Total Recall.

Photo credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins
Photo credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins

During a confrontation with William where he gets increasingly irate, he tells Audrey that they created the Troubles together, hence their immunity to them. He mwah ha ha’s that it’ll all be clear and fine and A-OK when she remembers who she is but the whole idea of it just makes her nauseous. Audrey finally figures out the Trouble that triggered AlterHaven belongs to Cliff, whose wife died in real Haven.

AlterNathan takes him to William as an exchange to free his family, who William has taken hostage. Then he rounds back with Duke to try to help. Duke tries to talk William down and William shoots him. When Audrey starts railing at him, he shoots Cliff and everything goes black and she wakes up in bed again with Nathan. He takes one look at her touristy Haven T-shirt and asks her matter-of-factly what happened (which I loved) and she tells him they have to kill William.

Together with Duke, they track him down, and William realizes Audrey didn’t tell the boys what he told her about originating the Troubles, and as he starts to dive into how she’s not quite so innocent in all this and that they’re joined together, Nathan shoots him. He drops, and then Audrey drops, too, with the same wound. Duke and Nathan rush to her (and Nathan actually asks, “Are you OK, babe?”) and realize they have a major problem. Duke races to William and Nathan stays with Audrey. And scene!

Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins
Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins

So, I jokingly suggested on Twitter last night that we just need Sleepy Hollow‘s Sin Eater, John Noble, to take a road trip to Haven, separate William and Audrey, and boom, done! I doubt it’s going to be that easy, but since William is a guest in the House of Haven, odds are pretty good that it will get sorted. So what do I think it will take?

William could suicide but he’s too narcissistic. I think Audrey could kill him without repercussions to herself. I think there might be a degree of “truth setting her free”–that if she remembers it all, and atones for it, she’s released from her bond to William. Or, Jennifer is a key somehow (apologies to the Buffy association therein). I hope somewhere in there we find out what he and Audrey are–he certainly seems to be gallivanting around like he’s a deity of some sort. I kind of really don’t want us to go down a religious path–I’d much rather we stick to supernatural or alien.

Regardless, Ferguson is having a ball as a Gee Whiz Serial Killer. I look forward to the outtakes. And I love that Eric Balfour and Lucas Bryant each got to identity hop this season so Emily Rose wasn’t alone in all the fun.

Next week doesn’t look to specifically resolve it yet as we introduce the Darkside Seekers, which is a plot thread that’s been brewing online but not on the show. I do like that Duke’s straight up ready to throw down, telling Nathan. “If she dies, I’m going to kill somebody.” I’m sure he’s not the only one.

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  1. Kate

    Firstly.. I’d like to say Lucas Bryant is amazing. To watch him play two completely different Nathans is definitely a treat. But as my mom called him, Dorky Doctor Nathan, was a little hard to take as you’re so used to an oh so serious Troubled Haven Nathan. So it was thrilling to see him happy with Audrey at the beginning of the ep, even if only briefly. 🙁

    Secondly.. Eric Balfour as Detective Duke Crocker.. what if roles had been completely reversed and Nathan had been the criminal and not Doctor Nathan? Interesting thought. When Audrey told Duke he made a great cop.. he actually did. And I did like it when she told him that William shot him.. he said he needed a bigger gun. Go Duke.

    Thirdly, William. What a big reveal he gave to Audrey. That they are the creators of the Troubles.. that’s just immense. That reveal led me back to rewatching parts of the Season 3 finale and the scene in the Barn between Audrey and Agent Howard when she asks him is she even human, and he tells her she is very human, and then she asks “Am I being punished”, and he replies “It would seem that way, yes.” With William’s reveal, it would appear Audrey(and her other incarnations) is being punished.

    So here’s my question, if Audrey originally had the option of killing the person she loved to completely stop the Troubles, and now she can’t because the Barn is gone, and what was once their Salvation is now their Doom, what if she remembers she loved William(which is what he wants) and killing him gets rid of the Troubles for good? Does that make any sense? Obviously shooting him with Audrey not remembering who she originally was doesn’t kill him as they’re both affected, but if she remembered him, would it be different? And would she just remember who she originally was, or all her incarnations. Questions, questions, questions. And maybe I’m over thinking all of it. 😉

    1. Heather M

      Yes, no, Tuesdays, maybe, Pi. 😉

      I have just as many questions, and I’m hoping for a) a resolution to a reasonable number of them and b) a fifth season renewal, DAMMIT.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. MByerly

    Since evil William and his sidekicks have shown up, I’ve decided that the Barn was also a prison, and the prisoners have escaped into Haven.

    According to history and the Teagues, Audrey, whatever her name, has always been a decent person trying to help so I really can’t see her as deliberately causing the Troubles.

    William, however, is a gleeful psychopath.

    Maybe, an earlier version of Audrey was fooled by William and helped to cause the Troubles so she’s trying to undo what she foolishly allowed William to do.

    As to William and Audrey being bonded physically and sharing wounds, etc., it brings to mind an episode of RED DWARF where the characters are trapped in an empathic prison where the Golden Rule really applies. What you do unto others, you experience yourself. Audrey wanted William to be shot so she suffers the same thing.

    1. Heather M

      Interesting! I haven’t watched Red Dwarf. I’m open to anything expect a deity arc — I bailed on Supernatural way back there when it shifted from monsters of the week to angels and demons and stopped being my show.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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