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Dracula “From Darkness to Light” 

Photo Credit: Jonathon Hession/NBC
Photo Credit: Jonathon Hession/NBC

Grayson invites Josef Cervenka, one of his oldest and most loyal friends, to London.  He needs Cervenka to help him with his plan to take down the Order. Little does he know what kind of role Grayson has in mind for him. Cervenka can’t imagine why Grayson is consorting with a huntress, but Grayson always has a reason for everything he does. While neither Harker nor Mina seem to have much interest in planning their engagement party – which Grayson has so generously offered to host – Lucy does her best to take the reins and also hide her true feelings. Van Helsing realizes the missing – and vital ingredient – to making his sunlight cure work for Grayson. He needs some sort of pump to disperse the serum. Grayson thinks they can solve that problem by getting his heart to beat again.

Mina Goes Snooping

Van Helsing gives Mina a task she considers somewhat menial, so when she finds herself alone in his laboratory, she decides to explore. A locked door doesn’t provide much of a challenge. Upon finding the key, she explores Van Helsing’s secret room. What does she find? A number of slides with blood on them. But the strange part is that the blood is still active, which is impossible since the slides are dated nine years ago.

Grayson Plays a Dangerous Game (With Lady Jayne’s Heart)

I don’t know what it is about this pair, but I like them. While it seems Lady Jayne was intrigued at first by her inability to dominate Grayson, she’s in much deeper now. In order to take one of the Order’s most dangerous weapons from its arsenal – and without them even realizing – Grayson endeavors to become “invisible” to her. Grayson purposely and publicly stands Jayne up and when she retaliates, he behaves in a way she does not expect. When Cervenka tries to kill her, Grayson is there to distract him enough so Jayne can go for the kill. Grayson warned Josef that he was playing a dangerous game. And even though Grayson is upset by the loss of his friend, he’s achieved his goal. Jayne and the Order think they’ve killed the vampire they were after and now Jayne will never suspect Grayson for what he really is.

Davenport Sets His Revenge in Motion

Determined to make Grayson pay for his part in Daniel’s death, Davenport employs a woman named Miss Klieberson to find what Grayson holds most dear so he can corrupt and destroy it. The Order doesn’t think Grayson is much of a threat, so they don’t seem to care how Davenport takes care of this little problem. But Miss Klieberson knows the real reason Daniel took his own life – even though the general public thinks he died as a result of a heart attack – and doesn’t want to go against the Order. Despite that, she takes the job at twice her normal price plus expenses. It’s interesting that Renfield ends up unconscious on the floor of Davenport’s carriage. I can’t imagine any instance in which Renfield would reveal anything about Grayson to Davenport. I also can’t imagine they’ll just let Renfield go unless he gives them something.

General Shaw Proves His Loyalty

When it comes to saving your own neck, people can be persuaded to do things they might not normally do. While General Ogilvy is not interest in provoking a war with the Ottomans to gain control of an old field the Order wants, Shaw is more easily convinced. Of course, he did just watch Ogilvy get strangled right in front of him. I’m sure Shaw didn’t feel like he had much of a choice. Knowing Shaw’s importance to the Order, Grayson sends Harker in search of his secret. That comes in the form of Vera Markham.  But who is she and what does she mean to Shaw?

Photo Credit: Jonathon Hession/NBC
Photo Credit: Jonathon Hession/NBC

Random Thought

This is such an interesting moment from the episode. Mina wants to see the resonating machine in motion and Grayson isn’t about to deny her anything. Things seem like they’re under control, but at the first hint of danger Grayson’s instinct is protect Mina. Whenever I find myself questioning their connection – or wondering if I really even care about it – we get moments like this. I felt something between them here and I like that. I’m kind of looking forward to watching Grayson break up Mina and Jonathan’s engagement. Is that bad?

Dracula airs Fridays at 10/9c on NBC.

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