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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Deacon Plays The Bluebird, Nashville “She’s Got You” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABC

Life for Nashville‘s Deacon has been a lot like a country song. He’s been down and out. He jumped off the wagon. He can’t play guitar. He’s not with Rayna, the love of his life. He suddenly finds himself a father but doesn’t think he’s good enough for her.

But what’s great about him is that he’s struggling to become that better man. He’s back on the wagon. He’s going to meetings. He has a Ms. Right Now that he’s seeing. And if he can’t play guitar, well that’s awful, but he’s exploring other options. Like playing the piano, which is much easier on his hand. And he’s singing. Now I don’t know anyone on this show who is more uncomfortable with being in the spotlight than Deacon (well, maybe Scarlett), but I like that he’s taking these tentative steps towards making music his everything again.

But, seriously, how adorable was it when he turned to Avery for help in “She’s Got You?” He needed somebody who could play guitar and that he really didn’t care enough about just in case he looked real stupid on stage. I’m going to have to talk about Avery and how much more I’m digging him this season in another article. Right now I’m all about Deacon and my Moment of Goodness for this episode.

Deacon tried to play open mic night at some old, out of the way club. But when it turns out the venue was under new management and had transitioned into a comedy club, well, Deacon didn’t exactly have the material to play the comedy circuit. So what he did is he went “home” to the Bluebird where everyone knows his name and his talent. Sure he didn’t come complete with a guitar, but he did come complete with a confidence I don’t think he knew he had. Because once Avery started playing, Deacon stepped up and gave a great performance. He sang “You’re the kind of Trouble” in front of the Bluebird customers that included Rayna and his daughter, Maddie.

He did a great job. Avery sounded awesome accompanying him. And Deacon channeled his nervousness and buried it enough to make this risk worth it. He thought he was going to fall flat on his face. He did anything but. And afterwards, he bonded with his daughter over chicken fingers and root beer. And it was a glorious moment. I really liked that song. It really suited Deacon. And I hope he can enter this next phase of his career and his life without too many setbacks. I’m anxious to see where he goes from here.

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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