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Revenge “Resurgence” 

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

There’s a change in the air with this week’s revenge Hamptons-style. I like how it was Nolan who was able to get revenge on someone from his past. 

Again here’s what we know:

-Emily and Aiden put a briefcase deep in the ocean in the middle of the night.  Emily gets a little sad and realizes after her plot is finished she will never see, Charlotte, Nolan or Jack again.

-Conrad makes sure Victoria stands by his side by threatening Patrick. (He can never just ask nicely first.) He has hired big wig PR woman, Bizzy Preston (played by Ana Ortiz from Devious Maids and Ugly Betty!), to rehab the Grayson’s image. Bizzy wants to make Daniel and Emily’s wedding a big deal as well as the annual Fourth of July party that Victoria always throws. The number one problem is that Bizzy wants Victoria and Emily to do these events together to show they are on good terms. Yeah, right.

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

-Nolan knows Bizzy.  She outed him which damaged his relationship with his father. Nolan wants to take Bizzy down. Nolan and Emily make sure Bizzy finds out Emily was married once before, so that she will go to Victoria with the information. Nolan needs to get the password to Bizzy’s phone to get some dirt on her.

-Victoria tells Aiden he needs to get Emily back in his bed or he will be booted from the Manor. Aiden shows up at the restaurant that Emily, Victoria and Bizzy are at and says he needs to speak to Emily. That’s when Bizzy shares the info of Emily’s “first marriage.” Meanwhile, Aiden, Nolan and Emily listen to the whole exchange from a car.

-Margaux and Jack start to get passionate but then he pulls away which upsets her. Jack goes to the cemetery to say goodbye to Amanda. Later on Margaux and Jack have a very hot and heavy night. I’m not happy about this little development at all.

-Daniel stops by the Stowaway to ask Sara (his ex-girlfriend — the one who was injured back in the day when Daniel drove drunk) if she would make his and Emily’s wedding cake. I’m sorry. Does anyone else think this is a bad idea? Emily agrees to it because she is not at all threatened by Sara.

– At the Fourth of July party Victoria can’t believe it when she sees Sara. Charlotte tells Victoria that she invited her because she thinks that Daniel should be with her and not Emily. Victoria realizes that she no longer needs Aiden to get back at Emily.

-Sara and Daniel almost share a kiss on the beach. This is definitely not part of Emily’s plan.

-Nolan gets Bizzy’s phone code and finds out she is having an affair.  He threatens to expose her unless she gives up the affair. She agrees to do that. Nolan couldn’t fully ruin her but he was satisfied with what he did do.

-Victoria goes to visit Sara and not only apologizes for her behavior but says she thinks Sara is the one for Daniel.

-Emily gets a glimpse of a picture that shows Daniel and Sara on the beach being close. She must shut this down!

Will Daniel call off the wedding? Probably not since we see Emily getting shot in a wedding gown. Will Margaux stop sleeping with Jack? Probably not but a girl can dream. Will Victoria say something negative about Emily?  Duh!

See you next time….

Revenge airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on ABC.

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