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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Creepiness: William Tells Audrey the Truth, Haven “William” 

Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins
Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins

We’re instituting a new Moment of Creepiness because in this week’s Haven, the jaw-dropper was neither straight up Good or Bad, but it was hella creepy. Colin Ferguson is always a reliable good guy. You don’t expect him to be up to something. Which is what made him a trustworthy ally to Lexie in the barn. But you know me and my trust issues, so I just assumed he was up to something, and boy was I right. In the middle of “William,” an episode that was full of creepy (Earwigs! Jealous hallucinations! Jealous hallucinations with weapons), the moment where Audrey finds out that William’s an evil SOB gets the prize for the episode.

So, the Tweedles kidnap Dwight and he leads Audrey and Nathan (whom she did not kill–psych!) to them. That’s just the beginning though as they discover a hooded and amnesiac (not that again) William in a locked room. Audrey tries to help rebuild his memory and remind him that he helped her, and she sweetly points out that Nathan is the one he told she had to get home to.

Meanwhile, every time somebody has a conversation with the little Tweedle, they go off on a jealousy or suspicion bender–Dwight, Jennifer, and then Nathan–courtesy of a floating earwig (ewwwwwwww!). The coroner has a couple of dead bodies who were killed after their altered personalities put them in harm’s way, and she ID’s the earwig, so now Audrey knows what she’s up against.

There’s also a MacGuffin about finding a magical box. Audrey’s paired with William, as they (and Duke) are the only ones unaffected. When she accidentally brushes William’s hand, they physically spark and snippets of his memory return. He tells her that he remembers coming through with the box when the barn collapsed. She and William go back to the bluff and William (too) easily retrieves the box and Audrey starts to realize the whole thing has been a sham.

He doesn’t cackle, but he comes close as he tells her that, yes, he’s never been amnesiac. He was waiting for the spark to remind her who she was. She’s not following, so he helps her along that they knew each other a long, long time ago before she was every Audrey or Lucy or Sarah (called it!). And that he is her true love (called it!). He tells her to open the box and she sees a beautiful flower. Then when she rejects him, it changes into a collection of dark orbs. He holds the box up as other orbs float in from the police station and then the big Tweedle falls in beside him.

Audrey asks if he works for Tweedle, and William corrects her that they work for him, and Audrey realizes that everything is so much worse than she thought. Then William takes one of the orbs and crushes it in his hand and shows her his hand as it now shimmers with dust, and she realizes he’s the one behind the Roswell hand prints. Then she really starts to panic as he says all of this work he’s done hasn’t jogged her memory, so he’ll just have to keep on until she remembers herself because they are so much better than all these people (humans?).

He tells her he loves her and wants her back, and she loves him, too. She tells him there’s no part of her that loves him. He clarifies that he’s talking about the person inside her that’s not one of the “Haven-savers,” and “she is mine,” he intones in a full Bwahahaha voice. He moves to put his hands on her face then a light flashes and she wakes up on the hill again and Nathan is there to hug her. We don’t pull back to find out whether it’s a reset to “Lost and Found,” and everybody’s on the hill with him again, or he’s finding her in the timeline of this episode. I hope it’s the latter (since she’s still in the same clothes, but you never know).

It’s A LOT to process, y’all. And now we have more questions of how William fits into things and who or what he and Audrey are, in general, and to each other.

We have a new episode next week that looks alt-versey, to say the least, and then a week off to pull out our hair (how Thanksgiving-y!) and then we’re back for the final three episodes of the season. We best be getting a season five.

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