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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: It’s all About Elijah, The Originals “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree” 

Only two words can describe the last two episodes of The Originals. GAME CHANGER. You have to respect a show that can take its entire premise and spin it on its ear. The Originals has done just that and is now turning into one of the CW’s stronger series. While there are many aspects we could dive into now (Marcel is on to Hayley! Klaus’s plan is falling apart! Davina is-sorta-a good guy! Rebekah and Marcel did the deed! The witches lost their elder!), let’s just hone in on what really matters here.

Fruit of the Poisoned Tree
Photo Credit: Annette Brown /The CW



When Elijah came back from a proper staking still looking impeccable in those tailored suits, this reviewer may have done a dance or two.  Elijah is the only one who can reign in Klaus and he looks damn good doing it. He’s all charisma and honor but he’s not averse to ripping out a few hearts if you cross him. Oh yes. Last night’s rewind and repeat moment hands down was Elijah ripping out the hearts of Agnes’s minions and calmly wiping his dripping, bloody hands off on his handkerchief. Klaus’s barely-contained smirk afterwards was just candy on top.

Elijah tends to be the compassionate voice of reason in this bunch of psychopaths, but it’s not without method. He’s got his own plan that clashes against Klaus’s claims for power and that plan focuses on one thing. Or rather, two things: protecting Hayley and her unborn child. Which leads me to the TOO MUCH CHEMISTRY portion of our recap.

Sure, Elijah could write off his enthusiasm to protect Hayley and her hybrid bun-in-the-oven as familial obligation. The child is the first descendent of the Mikaelsons in 1,000 years. But his concern is taking a steamy turn when it comes to Hayley. Who else wanted that embrace in the pool to go on just a little bit longer? Elijah, always one to pick up on lost souls, identifies something wild in Hayley. Every time she smart mouths him, his smile gets a bit wider. He likes her fire, her spirit. What’s more, he likes that she’s in need of saving.

Now, that could be a twisted beginning of a relationship, but when you’re lusting after your brother’s pregnant one-night-stand, you’ve pretty much given up caring about ideal romantic scenarios. Hayley isn’t exactly ignoring Elijah’s interest. Any more fevered glances between the two of them and we’ll have to hose down our screens. For a hardened orphan girl, the idea of a built-in family, even murderous rampaging vampires like the Originals, must seem like a dream, especially when they’re led by the virtuous, benevolent and oh-so-sexy Elijah.  He’s putting her first, above the wants of his siblings, and that is a major turn on.

But I have a feeling it’s not going to be a smooth road to bliss for these two. Let’s not forget Klaus, the father of the unborn-maybe-devil child. While he and Hayley have zero romantic ties, he’s not one to let others play with his things. Executive producer Julie Plec has already teased Klaus is going to have something to say about Elijah and Hayley’s growing intimate relationship. So who will Elijah please first: himself or his brother? If the past is any indication, Elijah will put honor and keeping the family together above his own needs. Damn those moral vampires. They ruin everyone’s sexy fun.

Either way, bring on the Elijah. More Elijah! He’s been the most fun to watch and effectively the smartest of The Originals. Although, after his actions in “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree” it’ll be a ride to see where the chips fall after the slaughter of Agnes. Now that Marcel has Hayley, I’m looking forward to the full wrath of Team Originals to come raining down on Marcel, of course led by Elijah.

Watch The Originals Tuesdays at 8/7pm on the CW.

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