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Dancing with the Stars “Season 17 Week 8” 

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Do you believe in life after love? I could hear West Hollywood having a party! Cher was the guest judge and also performed! The woman is 67 years old and looks amazing! Yes she has had some work but she can dance and sing better than most of the people out there. And no one rocks a feather hat like she does. Cher sat in at the judges table while Len was out.  (I still always miss that crusty old man!)  One more thing. All the couples danced to a Cher song.

This time around, the team with the highest score is safe to come back next week and does not have to dance in the dance off. The rest of the couples will have to challenge another couple to win three points to add to their scores.

Let’s see how everyone did:

Corbin and Karina

Dance: Argentine Tango

I think I prefer this to the regular tango because you can do so much more.  They always do a great job and I thought the scores were appropriate.

Score: 9 -Carrie Ann, 9-Cher, 9-Bruno; Total: 27

Voting Number: 800-868-3406


Leah and Tony

Dance: Viennese Waltz

Leah and Tony danced to the song “I Got You Babe.”  So Leah thought it was important to portray the first time Cher and Sonny met at a coffee shop.  It was lovely and thoughtful.  Carrie and Bruno gave her a bit of a difficult time regarding some technique.  But I loved it and so did Cher! (And really isn’t that all that matters?)  Side Note:  Leah’s BFF, J-Lo aka Jenny from the block and her boyfriend were in the audience again to support Leah.

Score: 8- Carrie Ann, 9- Cher, 8-Bruno; Total: 25

Voting Number: 800-868-3411


Brant and Peta

Dance: Foxtrot

Overall the dance was pretty good.  There are some times that Brant’s moves are a little awkward, but the judges agreed that Brant has “Star Quality.”

Score: 9-Carrie Ann, 9- Cher, 9-Bruno; Total: 27

Voting number: 800-868-3403


Elizabeth and Val

Dance: Jazz

Elizabeth and Val had already started working on everything for their dance. Then during the week Elizabeth found out that Cher’s song, “Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down),” was available. It is one of her favorites so Val humored her and they worked on it. It was an aggressive dance and the only issue was that there were no levels to it. But we know the girl can dance.

Score: 8-Carrie Ann, 9-Cher, 8-Bruno; Total: 25

Voting Number: 800-868-3405


Bill and Emma

Dance: Disco

Carrie Ann said that she always is so happy when Bill and Emma dance.  Are they the best, no. But they give it everything.  They dance with pure joy.  Did I laugh and was I entertained?  The answer is yes!  Bill was a big fan of Cher’s and let her know.  Tom had to cut him off for time. Bill acting like a teenager for the win!

Score: 8-Carrie Ann, 8-Cher, 8-Bruno; Total Score: 24

Voting Number: 800-868-3409


Jack and Cheryl-

Dance: Tango

By far I think this is Jack and Cheryl’s best dance.  Cheryl has always been a great teacher and it shows with Jack.  Again his family was in the audience to support him. Loved it!

Score: 9-Carrie Ann, 9-Cher, 9-Bruno, Total: 27

Voting Number: 800-868-3402


Amber and Derek-

Dance: Rumba

Poor Amber has a tear in her knee!  You would never know that she was hurt since she and her no-shirt partner, Derek rocked it!  They also were the highest scoring couple for the night so they were safe for next week and got to skip the Dance Off.

Score: 9-Carrie Ann, 9-Cher, 10-Bruno; Total: 28

Voting Number: 800-868-3407


Before the Dance Off, Cher performed her new single.  n the audience was her son, former DWTS contestant, Chaz Bono. And then came the Dance Off:


Dance Off:

Corbin and Karina vs. Elizabeth and Val

Dance: Cha Cha

Winner: Corbin and Karina


Brandt and Peta vs. Leah and Tony

Dance: Rumba

Winner: Leah and Tony


Jack and Cheryl vs. Bill and Emma

Dance: Disco

Winner: Jack and Cheryl

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC 

Unfortunately, someone had to go home.  Bill and Emma were the first ones to find out they were safe.  His fans are really helping him out.  So who would have to go?  Brant and Peta were the ones that had to leave the ball room. Who will it be next week?  No one is safe.

**I also wanted to put some of my favorite of Cher’s best quotes of the night:

-Regarding Jack Osbourne after is dance: “You look like a Pimp!”

-Asked if she could “Turn Back Time”: “I would go back to the eighties, I had fun….too much fun.”

-Regarding if Bruno got in her space:  “I will just knee him.”


Remember:  All hail Cher……


See you next week!


Dancing with the Stars airs Monday nights at 8pm on ABC.

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