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Castle “Like Father Like Daughter 

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Confession: I was glad that Pi wasn’t in the episode, but where has Penny Johnson Jerald been hiding? I also loved that Castle and Alexis worked together on a case with help from Beckett and Lanie. I was happy to see that while the episode was largely a Castle-Alexis storyline, they were able to still have a few Caskett moments. It made my shipper heart very happy.

I also thought that this episode was more dramatic than some have been and that’s okay. It is nice when the show mixes it up with lighter episodes and then puts in some more serious ones. It is definitely what keeps me watching week after week. It would be pretty boring if all the episodes were the same.

Okay here is what I loved:

-Castle wanting to get married in space. Beckett was against it. I am not surprised by either one of their reactions. I wonder if the space reference was partly due to Firefly. That was my initial impression of the opening scene, anyway.

-Beckett wanting Castle to look at wedding venues. I am not sure if Castle isn’t ready to get that serious or if he is just taking his time enjoying their engagement. I guess we will have to wait for more of the season to see what happens. I definitely like all the wedding talk though.

-Castle taking a road trip with Alexis. Nothing like some father/daughter bonding. I am glad they talked about Pi, even if Alexis didn’t like it much.

-Beckett asking for Lanie’s help for Castle and Alexis. I loved that Beckett went to Lanie asking her for help, as well as Lanie’s response to Alexis not going directly to her. I wondered how everyone would play into the episode and I got my answer.

-Alexis saying there was someone else she had to thank….Beckett! I loved the hug between the two of them although I wish we could have heard what they were saying to each other.

-Okay, my absolute favorite part had nothing to do with Caskett. Can you believe it? It was the conversation that Beckett had with Lanie about being an outsider to Castle and Alexis’ relationship. Lanie’s advice was perfect! Beckett and Castle need to make their own history. Also, Beckett needs to match her “baggage” with Castle’s. I thought that was the best advice and probably my favorite scene of the whole episode.

So, when do you think we will get the wedding? Will it be by the middle or end of the season, or will Andrew Marlowe leave it a cliffhanger and we have to wait until the beginning of season seven to see it? Personally, as long as we get a real wedding, I don’t care when it is.

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