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Revenge “Dissolution” 

Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC

As with all Revenges there were a lot of juicy developments.  Let’s go over some of the things I personally think are important:

-Victoria is not happy that the wedding is back on for Emily and Daniel. (Big surprise…duh!)

-Conrad has hired a real estate agent and has “sold” Grayson Manor.  Victoria is not happy about it and neither is Emily.  It totally ruins all of Emily’s plans if the Graysons are not in the same house.

-Victoria plans to put the gallery in Patrick’s name so Conrad can’t get any of it.  She is trying to get her affairs in order so she can finally leave Conrad. (You know that’s not going to happen.)

-Of course Emily is going to have a plan to make sure the sale of Grayson Manor doesn’t go through and enlists her hot boy toy/spy Aiden to help her. He helps her take a sledgehammer to her place and then they have some sexy time!

-Nolan goes to see Jack.  They start discussing that Nolan is dating Patrick and Jack tells him about the fact that Patrick was the one that cut the breaks.  Nolan then realizes that he has to confess to Jack that he knows about Emily really being Amanda Clarke.

-Jack and Nolan make peace but Jack says Nolan has to cut ties with Patrick.  Jack says he will take care of it.  So how does Jack take care of it you ask? He goes to Conrad and tells him that Patrick is the one that cut the brakes and that no one is to get hurt. As Emily says later, “Jack has gone rogue.”

-As Nolan is telling Emily that Jack has gone rogue, he also doesn’t like the isolation he feels because of her revenge plot.  He just wants friendship. Is that so wrong?

-Emily is having construction done on her place and the real estate agent for Grayson Manor sees this.  She tells Conrad that there is no way they can sell the place since Grayson Manor is slipping into the sea. (Thanks to Emily placing some doctored files with the county)  Oh well!

-Conrad thinks that Victoria is behind the blocking of the sale of Grayson Manor.  She tells Conrad she isn’t. What she is doing is putting her life together and leaving him. (Again not part of Emily’s plan)  And because Aiden overhears this conversation, he and Emily can fix it.

-Conrad also lets Victoria know that he knows Patrick is the one that cut the brakes.  Victoria makes sure that Patrick gets out of town quickly.

-Charlotte has Daniel run some errands with her for the reopening of the Stowaway party.  She asks him to go get the cake from the bakery.  Little does Daniel know that Sara, the girl he injured in the drunk driving accident works at the bakery.  Sara lets him know his parents screwed her in her settlement and now she has to work several jobs.  He apologizes and goes to read the papers that he left up to his parents. (Big mistake!)  He finds out Sara was right.  Charlotte gets Sara fired but hires her to come work at the Stowaway.  Charlotte wants Sara and Daniel to reconnect.

-So Aiden takes Victoria to a warehouse, where he and Emily have stashed the Grayson fortune in gold bars.  She is not happy and makes sure Conrad knows she is not going anywhere now that she knows the fortune is still there.

-Jack and Nolan are having dinner at Nolan’s house when Emily walks in. She tells them both that they are the two most important people in her life.  She also said after she finishes her revenge she must disappear forever.  The day of her wedding, August 8th, she is planning to frame Victoria Grayson for the murder of Emily Thorne!

A few thoughts:  How the heck are they going to keep this series going?  Is Emily really going to be shot or is it part of the plan? Will Patrick turn up again? Is Emily in love with Aiden or Jack or both?

See you next week…..

Watch Revenge on ABC Sunday nights at 9/8c.

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