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The Devil You Know, Dracula “A Whiff of Sulfur” 

Photo Credit: Jonathon Hession/NBC
Photo Credit: Jonathon Hession/NBC

I’m really enjoying how Grayson is targeting members of the Order in order to take them down. Last week he killed Sir Clive and because of a gambling habit, he was able to purchase Dawson’s shares out from under the other Imperial Oil investors. This week Grayson makes Lord Laurent an offer for three times what his shares are worth. Like Grayson says, he doesn’t like having partners. But, of course, Laurent has no interest in selling. Grayson will be a colonial first and foremost, who is in constant need of being put in his place. At least Laurent thinks that until Grayson discovers his secret.

Jonathan Harker plays a large role in Grayson uncovering that secret. Harker is at a bit of a crossroads and Grayson knows it. Jonathan wants to propose to Mina, but he doesn’t have the means to make a proper husband. His earnings as a reporter are meager and his rent keeps being raised. He can’t even go out to dinner without Lucy offering to pay. So when Grayson offers Harker the position of VP of Public Affairs at his company as well as a house – Sir Clive’s former dwelling, that Grayson was able to get for a steal – how is he supposed to say no? Even Mina thinks it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Of course, there are two reasons Grayson really offered that job to Harker. He needs someone who is familiar with all the players in high society, someone who knows where all the bodies are buried. Harker friendship with Lucy, his relationship with Mina and his tenacity and curiosity make him insanely qualified for that position. Grayson also wants to find a way to get closer to Mina. Since Harker is Mina’s beau, it’s a rather ingenious way to worm his way into her life as well.

Even though Renfield wonders why Grayson doesn’t just take her, Grayson refuses to turn Mina into what he is. At the same time he still seeks to draw her in; he’s not about to lose her twice. So when Grayson sees an opportunity to get to know Mina a little better he takes it. Mina Murray is not a woman who is easily cowed, as she is quick to show Grayson. She doesn’t worry that being seen with him in his carriage will ruin her reputation; only she can do that and she doesn’t think she’s going anything shameful. In fact, she has no shame for scandalizing a mother and her child when she kisses Jonathan in public. She’s just not interested in playing by society’s rules and I like that about her.

As Grayson gives Mina a ride to the medical college, Grayson gives Mina a very useful piece of advice.

Grayson: “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years, in all my journeys Miss Murray, it’s that when it comes to dream one may falter by the only way to fail is to abandon them.”

And it’s that piece of wisdom that allows Mina not only to get through her surgical exam, but to come out at the top of her class. But when they go out to celebrate that news and Jonathan’s new job, Mina overhears him talking to his buddies. Jonathan feels that Mina will give up her aspirations and become a proper English wife when he puts a ring on her finger. Obviously, Mina is upset and when Harker tries to talk her down, she points out that while he’s never discouraged Mina’s pursuit of this career he’s never encouraged it either.

Photo Credit: Jonathon Hession/NBC
Photo Credit: Jonathon Hession/NBC

What deep dark secret is Lord Laurent harboring? He’s in a relationship with Daniel Davenport. During that time, the revelation of a secret like this would not only destroy their reputations, but also that of their families. So Grayson has them both my the proverbial short hairs and it’s kind of fun to watch him revel in it. I loved when he kissed Daniel. The audacity! Can you tell how much I’m enjoying this show?

In other news, Grayson takes Lady Jayne as a lover. Is it to discover if she has any ties to the Order or does he already know that? Perhaps starting a relationship with her is Grayson’s way to keep track of their plans and also have some dirt on her husband. Even though high society is tolerant of many things, it could be a scandal if it became known that Lady Jayne had a lover and that said lover was Grayson.

What has Lady Jayne learned about the new vampire in their midst? Only that the Seers were able to track them, but he was able to turn their spell back on them. Only a vampire a few centuries old would be powerful enough for that so Lady Jayne and Browning begin to realize what a formable foe they will be facing. But instead of summoning another Huntsman, Lady Jayne decides she wants to have a little fun. We see a flash of her skills when she realizes Sinead is in danger. Lady Jayne doesn’t arrive in time to see Grayson’s face, but she does finish the job he started by decapitating Sinead. I guess she was afraid Grayson was going to turn her.

Photo Credit: Jonathon Hession/NBC
Photo Credit: Jonathon Hession/NBC

I’m very interested to see what the future holds for Mina and her two suitors. Can she forgive Jonathan? Is he willing to compromise in order to marry the woman he says he loves? Will Mina’s attraction to Grayson lead her astray? When will Grayson want more than just a friendship with her? And when will Harker start really digging into Grayson’s past? He can’t find anything about the man that’s more than a decade old, which is very strange. What will prompt him to dig deeper?

I’m really enjoying the relationship Van Helsing has with Grayson, but I feel like he’s not getting enough screen time. When will we learn more about this “daylight cure” he’s been working on? As Grayson said, it’s only a matter of time before people start noticing that they never see him in the sunlight.

I think I may have missed the bit where the show explained the relationship between Browning and Lady Jayne. Are they just partners in crime? They have clearly worked together for a while, but are they connected in any other way? Either way, I love their dynamic.

Dracula airs Fridays at 10/9c on NBC.

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