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Revenge “Control” 

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Things seem to be spinning out of control over at the Hamptons in Revenge land.  Here are some of the things we know:

-Emily is trying to figure out who cut the brakes in Conrad’s car that caused the accident.  Aiden says he is going to take care of this.  Convenient since Emily doesn’t know that Aiden has already told the Graysons it was Jack Porter. This jealousy thing is not a good look for Aiden…

-On the same note, Aiden breaks into the Stowaway and warns Jack that he needs to get out of town for good because Conrad is after him. Again jealousy= not good look on Aiden.

-Margaux invites Jack to the launch party for her magazine.  He says yes even though he is not a fan of her partner, Daniel. I’m really not liking the fact they are putting Jack with Margaux. It’s making me a little miffed.  See further down…

-Daniel is still not happy with Emily which makes Victoria very happy.  Emily takes Victoria and Charlotte dress shopping for the wedding.  Victoria lets it slip that Conrad thinks Jack had the brakes cut.  Of course she runs to tell Jack.  She also finds out what Aiden did.

-Emily and Aiden have it out about putting the blame on Jack.  She tells him to fix it as soon as possible and figure out who really did it. Leave Jack alone!

-Patrick reveals to Nolan he knows that he gave his ex-wife $20,000 to get dirt on him.  He is upset and walks away from Nolan.  Nolan, buddy, you have got to have someone else help you with your relationships.  This one doesn’t look like it is going to end well. But in other news, Patrick gives Nolan a second chance.  It’s still not going to end well.

-Emily is late to Daniel’s launch party.  He says he can’t marry her.  Emily goes to Nolan for advice and he says she has to share something with Daniel that is more personal. Nolan gives great advice which is ironic since he can’t get his love life together. Emily goes to Jack’s and finds some of Amanda’s old pictures.  She also sees Jack and Margaux kissing. I don’t like this one bit.

-Emily apologizes to Aiden for how she has treated him and they get some serious kissing done. They really should have called this episode, Kissing, but I digress.

-Emily goes to Daniel and shows him the pictures she took from Amanda’s stuff. She even tells a true story about how her Dad helped her not be afraid of thunder.  She says this is really painful which Daniel appreciates. Daniel says the wedding is back on. Duh!

-The big reveal of the episode:  Patrick was the one that cut the brakes.  Aiden tells Victoria what happened.  She gets Charlotte to say it was her because Charlotte thinks it is Jack and will do anything to protect him.  By the by, Victoria should be nominated for Mom of the year!

As we count down to who shoots Emily on her wedding night, who do you think is the culprit?  I have my ideas but with Revenge, you never know.  Until next week….

Revenge airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on ABC.

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