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Plot Twist: Carol is outed as the Killer, The Walking Dead “Isolation” 

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

[WARNING: Spoiler for the latest episode of The Walking Dead]

To the powers that be of The Walking Dead: Thank you for not drawing out the reveal of who killed Karen and David.


It was Carol. I don’t know why but my money was instantly on her. Did anyone else guess it was her? Don’t get me wrong. While I was confident about my guess, I certainly wasn’t a hundred percent sure, especially when I told my fellow friends/Dead watchers that’s who I was thinking did it. When they balked at my suggestion, doubt creeped in.


But the way I see it, Carol’s a do whatever you can no matter how hardcore type of person. She’s teaching the kids to defend themselves. She’s telling them to man up. She’s practically forcing them to end their dad’s life before he goes zombie. She’s going above and beyond to help take care of the camp, including unclogging the water hose on her own. And she’s not showing a whole lot of emotion in doing so.


So it’s natural to leap to the conclusion that she’d go the extra ten miles to try to prevent the illness from taking any more lives. Yet killing and burning Karen and David’s bodies didn’t quite stop the flu from spreading, did it? Is she going to do the same to Lizzie and Glenn and Sasha? Despite the fact that there’s no way she can get away with it now, is she even thinking those thoughts? Carol’s one of those characters that I never know what’s going through her head.


And Rick guessed. I love him for that. But what is going to happen now? Tyreese is going to want answers. Is Rick going to come clean with everyone? I don’t know. Carol probably thinks she’s playing by the rules of this new world but is she? Are there lines in this walker universe? Boundaries? Making a decision like that on your own — that drastic a decision — I don’t think Carol’s in a healthy place right now. And while I don’t blame her, I’m wondering if she’s going to reap any consequences of this decision. And Rick, too, if he chooses to keep what she did a secret.


The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.


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