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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from The Vampire Diaries “For Whom the Bell Tolls” 

For Whom the Bell Tolls
Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Episode: “For Whom the Bell Tolls”
Writers: Brett Matthews and Elisabeth R. Finch


Stefan: “Is this suppose to fill me up?” Damon: “Well, yes. And no. Technically, yes, because you’re a vampire.” Stefan: “Realistically, no, because you’re — you know — you.” Stefan: “Ahh, yes, the insatiable and bloodlusting vampire ripper of Monterrey.” Damon: “And we’re only in the 1920s baby.” Stefan: “Well, sorry, but this is a lot to process.”


Damon: “You are a vampire, not a caveman.” Stefan: “Let me get this straight. I helped you steal this car. I found out I was a vampire who killed his own father. And yet I don’t litter?” Damon: “You’re a man of principle, Stefan, who had his memories erased by a 2,000-year-old witch.” Stefan: “Yeah, but I bet that 2,000-year-old witch probably drives a little faster than you. Wait, let me guess. Fun brother. Safe brother.”


Stefan: “I got it. You’re the fun brother.”


Elena: “Please tell me I wasn’t out of my mind leaving Damon in charge of vampire amnesia 101.” “Caroline: “What did he say exactly?” Elena: “One text — ‘so far so good.’ Which in Damon speak…” Caroline: “Means that they probably devoured a troop of girl scouts by now.” Elena: “Caroline.” Caroline: “I’m kidding…kind of.”


Elena: “Ok, Dr. Forbes, since when do you know so much about amnesia?” Caroline: “It’s possible I studied up on my Chem, Bio Chem, Applied Micro Bio, Molecular Bio and Gray’s Anatomy — the real one and the television show.”


Stefan: “Remind me of your name again?” Elena: “Elena.” Stefan: “Elena. Right.” Elena: “You haven’t told him about me?” Damon: “Two hundred years is a long time.”


Bonnie: “Don’t stop on my account.”


Jeremy: “What are you doing here?” Bonnie: “It’s not like there’s Netflix where I am. You working out is my main source of entertainment.” Jeremy: “I was just working off the extra adrenaline.” Bonnie: “And every girl on the other side thanks you for it.”


Elena: “So Mr. So Far So Good. Mr. I Can Handle My Brother. Mr. I Know What I’m Doing.” Damon: “Hey. I never said I know what I’m doing.”


Damon: “Let’s just let Stefan be Stefan. Fun, carefree, drunk without 100 years of vampire guilt on his shoulders.” Elena: “That guilt came from a blood addiction that might still be hardwired in his brain.” Damon: “You take one philosophy class and now you’re the queen of nature vs. nurture?”


Damon (to Stefan): “Today, I’m the safe brother.”


Stefan: “What kind of name is Honoria Fell?” Damon: “Shh…you’re kind of the one that killed her.” Stefan: “Oh.”


Damon: “Hindsight being 20/20, way too much temptation at the bar. So, if this ripper gene is biological than we need to minimize human contact ’til we get your brain all witchy-wooed back to normal.”


Stefan: “Anybody here I didn’t kill?” Damon: “Well, we’ve covered our father who art in hell. (rings bell). Uncle Zack, my bad. On the bright side, our mother died of consumption.” Stefan: “Oh, good.”


Damon: “Jeremy Gilbert picks up. It’s a Remembrance Day miracle.”

For Whom the Bell Tolls
Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Damon: “Now tell me you found Bonnie because I’ve got a hungry vampire who forgot that he’s the hero of the story.” Jeremy: “I need you to come meet me and I need you to come alone.” Damon: “And I need you to be less vague and less weird.”


Damon: “I don’t speak crazy person, Jer. You’re gonna have to translate that for me.”


Jeremy: “Bonnie’s dead.” Damon: “Damn it, Jeremy. You realize what you just did? Why would you say that?” Jeremy: “I’m sorry. People need to know.”


Stefan: “How is it cosmically possible to get into two accidents on the same bridge?”


Stefan: “Caroline Forbes, my best friend.” Caroline: “What? You recognize me?” Stefan: “Well, I’ve studied pictures. You are much hotter in person.”


Caroline: “Are you okay?” Stefan: “Well, if by okay you mean, uh, heavily spiraling into oblivion, then yes, I’m dandy.”


Stefan: “Well, I know what I don’t want. I don’t want to be the person in these journals anymore. I don’t want to live in this house. I don’t want my brother’s advice. I don’t want to hear how I supported you, Elena. And I definitely do not want to continue this conversation.” Elena: “Stefan, wait.” Stefan: “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna go on a ripper binge. Besides, Caroline said she’d call me every hour to make sure I was okay and uh I actually do trust her.”


Damon: “I think we just got dumped.”


Stefan: “It’s okay.” Caroline: “It’s not. I’m never gonna see her again. And I have no idea where Tyler is. And I just got so used to them being there all the time. And now what? I’m supposed to just learn to move on without them? How do I do that? When all I have is this sadness and this anger and…” Stefan: “Me. You have me. Look you were there for me last night. Sounds like you’re always there for me. So let me be there for you, okay?”


Bonnie: “It’s ok. They need this. I need this.”


Jeremy: “We ring this bell in honor of Bonnie. In remembrance for her. (Jeremy rings bell) I”m not sure what else I’m supposed to say.” Bonnie: “Say that I’m not going anywhere. And even though they couldn’t see me, I’ve been there the whole time.” Jeremy: “She says that she’s not going anywhere. That she has been here all along.” Jeremy: “Bonnie has watched you have the Jeremy & Bonnie: summer of your life.” Bonnie: “And I saw you happy. And I know you think now that you can’t have a normal life.” Jeremy & Bonnie: “That you have to be here for everyone. Buit you don’t. Bonnie: Everyone will find their way. So you are gonna repack your things. You’re gonna go back to college. And you’re gonna live it up. You didn’t do anything wrong, Matt. You know I would have sent you 300 emails back if I could. I miss you.” Jeremy & Bonnie: Caroline…” Bonnie: “I watched you decorate that dorm room like your life depended on it. And I know that college isn’t everything you expected and that you feel like something’s missing. But…Tyler.”


Bonnie: “This is good. This is all I wanted. I’ll be okay. We’ll all be okay.”

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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