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Dancing with the Stars Season 17 Week 6 

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

This week the couples had to do a dance and then participate in a Switch-Up Challenge.  I will explain that later.  This week is the half-way point of the competition and the couples are feeling it. After the shocking elimination last week, I think everyone was feeling the pressure that nobody is safe.  Let’s see how everyone did:

Bill and Emma

Dance: Tango

Okay, I like that DWTS tries different things all the time but a Tango to a Jimmy Buffet song or as Emma says Jimmy Buffay, I don’t know how I feel about it.  I think Bill is doing great and goes for it every week.

Score: 8-Carrie Ann, 8-Len, 7-Bruno; Total Score: 23

Voting Number: 800-868-3409


Elizabeth and Val

Dance: Cha Cha

And the couple lands the first perfect score of the season!  Great job for these two!  What else can I say? I’m not going to say I’m so excited because that would be cheesy!

Score: 10-Carrie Ann, 10-Len, 10-Bruno; Total: 30

Voting Number: 800-868-3405


Leah and Tony

Dance: Quickstep

I agree with Len, this is the best routine they have done so far.  Maybe it helps that Jennifer Lopez is your best friend and comes with her dancer boyfriend to cheer you on at rehearsals!  I want to see a ten next week, but no pressure.

Score: 9- Carrie Ann, 9- Len, 9-Bruno; Total: 27

Voting Number: 800-868-3411


Brandt and Peta

Dance: Tango

Clearly these two have chemistry together.  I think that having support from one of his best friends helps.  As Carrie Ann said he is a Ken Doll. Does that mean that Peta is his Barbie?

Score: 9-Carrie Ann, 10- Len, 9-Bruno; Total: 28

Voting number: 800-868-3403


Amber and Derek

Dance: Samba

Amber struggled with this dance and you can see both her and Derek were getting frustrated.  But they turned it out on the dance floor! Again Len decides to be a pain and gives them a lower score then they deserved.  He said the dance was repetitive and it’s funny because Derek put content in just for Len.  I feel like Len goes after Derek a lot and it’s not fair.  Even Tom called him out on it! Not cool, Len, not cool at all!

Score: 10-Carrie Ann, 8-Len, 10-Bruno; Total: 28

Voting Number: 800-868-3407


Jack and Cheryl

Dance: Paso Doble

Jack in the taped rehearsal piece had Val help him with the mannerisms of the dance.  There was a little timing issue but they did a great job.  And of course his family was in the audience for support!  I love the Osbournes! Say what you will but this is a very supportive family!

Score: 8-Carrie Ann, 9-Len, 8-Bruno, Total: 25

Voting Number: 800-868-3402


Snooki and Sasha

Dance: Foxtrot

Who knew that Snooki from Jersey Shore could have some class?  I thought this was a great dance and Sasha is a great choreographer!  Watch out Derek!

Score: 9-Carrie Ann, 9-Len, 9-Bruno; Total: 27                                                           I

Voting Number: 800-868-3412


Corbin and Karina

Dance: Viennese Waltz

Corbin got a little over excited that they were dancing to the Game of Thrones theme song.  He is a great dancer but there wasn’t a lot of Waltz in it so they scored low.

Score: 8 -Carrie Ann, 7-Len, 8-Bruno; Total: 23

Voting Number: 800-868-3406


So after the last of the couple dances came The Switch-Up Challenge.  What is that you say?  Well the couples were split in two groups.  They each picked up paddles that had a 1 or 2 on it and that determined which group they were in.  The four couples in each group would dance side by side and different music would be played and they had to keep up to the music, etc.  To say this was difficult to rehearse is an understatement.  Leah even left the room because she was so freaked out.

Anyway, the first person to be tapped at out gets 1 point added to their score.  Then the 2nd couple gets 2, 3rd couple out gets 3 points and the winners get 4 points added to their score.  Here’s how the Challenge broke down:

Group One

Corbin and Karina- 4 points

Snooki and Sasha- 3 points

Jack and Cheryl- 2 points

Bill and Emma- 1 point

Group Two

Amber and Derek- 4 points

Brandt and Peta- 3 points

Elizabeth and Val- 2 points

Leah and Tony- 1 points

I have to say these kids did a really great job all around!  But then who would be eliminated this week? (Cue the scary elimination music)

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

The choice came down to Jack and Cheryl and Bill and Emma.  Jack and Cheryl were told they were safe.  But something was off because they don’t usually announce the elimination this way.  As Bill and Emma were ready to say goodbye, Tom told them they were safe too.  Last week there was a technical glitch that had some people voting for the wrong people so they didn’t think it was fair to send anyone home.  They all live another week!  But what does that mean for next week?  Is there going to be a double elimination?  They didn’t say it but who knows!

Until next week…..

Dancing with the Stars airs Monday nights at 8pm on ABC.

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