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Revenge “Mercy” 

Photo Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC

Last week I said I was worried about Emily this season.  This week, I still feel the same way.  Nothing seems to go right for her in this episode.  Let’s discuss unlucky Emily Thorne and recap some other goings on in the Hamptons this week:

  • Conrad and the Priest are rushed to the hospital.  Unfortunately, Father Paul does not make it, but of course Conrad does. Of course.
  • Emily thinks that Conrad caused the accident and never intended to confess his crimes against her father. Since Aiden is living at the Grayson Manor, Emily asked him to keep his eyes and ears open. She also gives him another bottle of pills to switch with Conrad’s other meds.
  • Emily realizes that Daniel has given the police a statement on behalf of her. This makes her very upset so she gets him back by helping one of the assistants in Daniel’s office with a bio that is needed for the first issue of his magazine.  Emily mentions his DUI and let’s just say that Daniel is not that happy with her.
  • Charlotte wants to help out with changing up the Stowaway for Jack.  She also thinks Jack should ask Margaux to Emily and Daniel’s wedding.  He has no interest in going to this wedding or being around Emily. In fact, he’s taking a break from Emily. Sounds a little Ross/Rachel? Not really the same thing.
  • Nolan is very intrigued by Patrick, Victoria’s mysterious first born son. He steals his wallet and goes to Florida where he meets Patrick’s ex-wife.  He gives her $20,000 to tell him everything about Patrick. Honestly, she seemed like she would have taken half that amount because there seems to be a bad history between her and Patrick.
  • Victoria goes to the local art gallery to ask for a job. She is given the job and the owner, Sheila, wants to give her a party.  A little later Patrick shows up at the gallery and tries to fence one of Victoria’s favorite paintings. Sheila agrees because it’s something she does a lot of.
  • Aiden finds out what salvage yard that Conrad’s car is in.  So Emily goes to check it out.  Jack gets there first and she begs him to leave.  They both figure out that Conrad was driving the car, but lied about it so he wouldn’t get in trouble.  The car gets taken away while they are on the lot.  They have no proof, except for the video that Jack shot of the car.
  • Conrad reveals that he doesn’t have Huntington’s disease and had been misdiagnosed. Emily is not happy.
  • Daniel and Conrad discuss how Daniel should handle Emily and the fact that Daniel helped cover up what really happened with the car accident.  Daniel didn’t do it for his father but he did it so there wouldn’t be any trouble with his magazine launch.  He is finally making a name for himself and doesn’t want anymore scandal because of it.
  • At the first day on the job reception at the gallery, Victoria has a talk with Sheila in the back room.  She knows that Sheila fenced one of Victoria’s paintings without the proper paperwork — and that my friend — is called larceny. She also knows that this party is to humiliate her. She tells Sheila not only is Sheila leaving the Hamptons but she is letting everyone know that Victoria is the new owner of the gallery.  Oh and Patrick was in on the deception with his mother to get the gallery from the beginning. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!
  • Jack finds out that someone tampered with the brakes so no matter who was driving there was going to be an accident. (Dramatic music inserts) Emily confronts Aiden to see if he did this to the brakes.  He swears he didn’t and he also finds out that Jack knows Emily’s true identity and Aiden is not a happy camper about that.
Photo Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC
  • Nolan has returned from Florida and has Patrick at his home.  He had “discovered” Patrick’s wallet.  He then makes a move on Patrick but initially Patrick rejects it.  But then he tells Nolan that there is something between them and they have a very passionate kiss.  (Is the guy gay or just trying to play Nolan? Nolan needs to be very careful. Remember Padma?)
  • When Jack realizes that Emily is going to “out” the Grayson’s at her wedding he decides he wants to go.  She doesn’t want him there because she doesn’t want him in danger.
  • Aiden tells Conrad and Victoria that Jack Porter wants Conrad dead and tampered with the brakes that caused the accident. (Aiden, jealous much?)

How many times do I have to say it: Poor Jack!  Again, every week I change my mind of who the person is that shoots Emily. Who do you think it is?  Will Conrad ever admit to his wrong doings?  What is up with Patrick?

See you next week.

Revenge is on ABC on Sunday nights at 9/8c.

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