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The White Queen “The Final Battle” 

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Richard is willing to play whatever cards he must to keep the crown now that he has it. The latest game? Prince Edward is dead and Henry Tudor is a real threat. Since Elizabeth is still betrothed to Henry, Richard makes it seem as if they’re having an affair so that the pretender to the throne will be seen as a fool and a cuckold. If they do not respect him, Richard does not think the people will want Henry for their king.

What starts as a political move turns much more serious when Elizabeth falls for Richard. Anne can see what’s going on, but Richard assures her there is no truth to it. Anne reminds him that she’s the Kingmaker’s daughter and if she’s set aside Richard will lose his support in the north. But Richard knows he must have another son to fortify his status. So when Anne dies, it looks like Elizabeth will become his next queen.

Stanley will help determine if Richard retains his crown or if Henry takes it from him. He has the army needed to make either side the victor in this battle. But, as ever, he is hesitant to pick just one side. He waits until the battle has started before he declares for Henry. As soon as that happens, the tide turns and Richard and his men fall. So instead of Elizabeth becoming Richard’s queen, she will become Henry’s.

The Ick Factor

I know it was common practice for royalty to marry someone they might be related to – either distantly or more closely. I know some royal lines produced horrifically disabled children because brothers and sisters were forced to marry to keep their blue blood pure. So maybe I should have a more cosmopolitan attitude towards sex between an uncle and his niece, but I don’t. I didn’t like it and part of me is glad Richard died so he wouldn’t get the opportunity to marry Elizabeth. He slept with her before battle and, perhaps, that was his undoing. Maybe he got what he deserved.

I’m disappointed that we’re not going to get more chapters in this sweeping saga. But as far as this miniseries goes, I found it very satisfying. What did you think?

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