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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from Supernatural “Devil May Care” 

Devil May Care
Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW

Sam: “So, what? Cas is human?” Dean: “Ish. I mean, he’s got no grace, no wings, no…harp…”


Dean: “Things go Breaking Bad, he knows our number.”


Dean: “But then I thought to myself, what would Sam Winchester do?” Sam: “I’d have stabbed him in the brain.” Dean: “Oh. Well, I thought the King of Hell might know a few things so why not Zero Dark Thirty his ass?”


Sam: “So, Crowley is alive.” Dean: “Oh yeah, he’s the junk in my trunk.”


Kevin: “Dean? You’re alive!” Dean: “Yeah, ’cause you’re a crappy shot, Katniss.”


Kevin: “I haven’t slept or eaten. I’m pretty backed up.” Dean: “Okay, over-share.”


Dean (punches Crowley): “Ah. Never get tired of doing that.”


Crowley: “Homey. Where did you get this fantastic little tree house?”


Sam: “Here’s how it’s going to go. You’re giving us the name of every demon on earth and the people they’re possessing.” Crowley: “Am I? Doesn’t sound like me.”


Crowley: “Can’t wait to see Sam in stilettos and a leather bustier — really putting the S-A-M into S-and-M.”


Crowley: “Honestly, boys. What are you gonna do to me that I don’t do to myself just for kicks, every Friday night?”


Dean: “He will break, okay? When he does, we’ll hold him down while you knife him. Then we all go out for ice cream and strippers.”


Dean: “All right, check the net for anything angel-y.” Sam: “Or demon-y.” Dean: “Or monster-y or ghost-y or…it’s gonna be a busy year.”


Abaddon: “You call that a meat suit?” Grandma demon: “I closed 72 deals last year. Kids love grandma.”


Abaddon: “What’s the matter — hellhound got your tongue?”


Irv: “I remember this case me and Bobby worked up in Saskatoon. Had these two –” Dean: “The werewolf siamese twins.” Irv: “He told you about that?” Dean: “Every time he drank Labatt’s.”


Dean: “Between the stink, the freak thunderstorms and every cow dead within three miles…” Sam: “I’ll take demons for a thousand, Alex.”


Sgt. Miranda Bates: “This is Sergeant Miranda Bates. Who am I talking to?” Kevin: “Uh…Kevin…Solo.”


Sgt. Bates: “So unless you can tell me one good reason why you got a couple pretty boy agents poking around my crime scene, I’m gonna put them in cuffs and spank your ass raw. Understand?”


Sgt. Bates: “How did you find that?” Kevin: ‘Cause I’m Kevin frickin’ Solo.”


Dean: “Hey, Kevin? Good job, buddy.”


Crowley: “Kevin? Kevin, I know it’s you. I’d recognize the pitter-patter of those little feet anywhere.”


Dean: “So this whole place is poison?” Sam: “Yeah. (Dean protects himself) That’s not gonna help.” Dean: “It doesn’t hurt.”

Devil May Care
Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW


Crowley (to Kevin): “So, what brings you to my boudoir, handsome?”


Crowley: “For example, I know she’d (Abaddon) love you. Skinny. Submissive. You’re just her type.” Kevin: “Shut up.”


Kevin: “You tortured me.” Crowley: “I torture all my friends. It’s how I show love. I was raised in a dysfunctional home environment.”


Dean: “Come and get it, you dicks!” (on a loop = awesome)


Dean: “All right, we got to flank seal team douche in there…”


Dean: “Listen, for the record, Sam’s not the only guy who thought he was doing right and watched it all go to crap. Okay? That’s just part of being…” Tracy: “Being a hunter.” Dean: “Being human. Look, you want to be pissed off at Sam, that’s fine, I get it. But if you want to go after somebody, you make sure that they got black eyes. Gotta know who the real monsters are in this world, kid.”


Abaddon (to Dean): “Alone at last.”


Abaddon (to Dean): “I missed you. Did you miss me?”


Abaddon: “So appreciate you boys coming when I call. I think that’s what I like most about you Winchesters. You’re obedient. And suicidally stupid. I like that, too.” Dean: “Are we gonna fight or make out? ‘Cause I’m getting some real mixed signals here.”


Dean: “And if I tell you to get bent?” Abaddon: “Oh, well…you know, I’ve loved this body since the moment I first saw it. You’re the perfect vessel, Dean. You give a girl all sorts of nasty ideas. So go ahead and play hard to get it. And I’ll peel off this ‘no demons allowed’ tattoo and blow smoke up your ass.” Dean: “Oh, well, I gotta tell you, between you and me, it’s a horror show up there.” Abaddon: “It can get worse. Trust me.”


Abaddon: “You and me, lover. And we’ll have a grand old time.”


Dean: “This is on me. I was the one who talked Sam out of boarding up hell. Okay, so every demon deal, every kill that they make, well, you’re looking at the person who let it happen.” Seke (Sam/Zeke): “You were protecting your brother. I am in Sam’s head. Everything he knows, I know. And I know that what you did, you did out of love.” Dean: “Yeah, look Zeke, I’m gonna call you Zeke. I’m not really with the whole uh love and…love.” Seke: “But it is why I said yes.” Dean: “Yeah, if that goes sideways, that’s on me, too.” Seke: “That is not going to happen.” Dean: “This is nuts. I mean you’re Sam, but you’re not Sam. And normally, he’s the one I’m talking to about all this stuff. I’m trusting you, Zeke. I just got to hope that you’re one of the good guys.” Seke: “I am.’


Seke: “Dean Winchester, you are doing the right thing.”


Sam: “You killed three demons? Alone?” Dean: “I took them by surprise. Got a little messy, I got a little lucky. Oh and uh, I’m awesome so there’s that.” Sam: “Geez.” Dean: “Yeah.” Sam: “You are pretty damn awesome.”


Dean: “Burgers and silkwood showers on me.”


Crowley: “Your little plan to have me stew in my own delicious juices? Pathetic.”


Crowley (re: Kevin): “He’s my new favorite toy. Wind him up? Watch him go.”


Dean: “And we need you, man.” Kevin: “‘Cause I’m useful.” Dean: “Because you’re family. After all the crap we’ve been through. After all the good that you’ve done. Man, if you don’t think that we would die for you. I don’t know what to tell you. Because you, me, Sam and Cas — we are all we’ve got.”


Dean: “Sam, listen to me. You have helped a hell of a lot more people than you have hurt. So all of that — that was then. Okay? Here’s to now.” Sam: “So are you ready for it?” Dean: “Hmm?” Sam: “The fallen angels, Abaddon? Cas losing his halo? Crowley in our basement?” Dean: “Crap, we’re living in a freakin’ sitcom. What about you? How’s the uh…the engine running?” Sam: Honestly, Um…I feel better than I have in a long time. I mean I realize it’s crazy out there. And we have trouble coming for us. But I look around and I see friends and family. I am happy with my life for the first time in…forever. I-I am. I really am. It’s just things are…things are good.” Dean: “Never better.”

Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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