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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Cami, the Brave Angel Amongst Devils, The Originals “Tangled Up in Blue” 

Tangled up in Blue
Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Last night’s episode of The Originals (“Tangled Up In Blue”) played like a strategic play in chess. Move the pieces around via manipulation and misdirection until you’re lined up for the kill. Klaus, always keeping his own counsel, moved the players around with a little slaughter and mayhem in the wake until he got what he wanted- the return of his brother Elijah. In an episode meant purely for setting up for a payoff later, the one bright spot we got was Cami, the brave bartender, bringing you a few literal Moments of Goodness.

Since it’s impossible to go longer than a week in the world of supernaturals without a ball, masquerade or black tie charity extravaganza, we’re treated to the major players in their finest as they’re ready to hatch devilish schemes. Not that we’re complaining. Feel free to keep Marcel and Klaus in tailored tuxes as long as necessary. Enter Cami, dressed aptly as an angel and catching the eye of Marcel and interestingly, Klaus. It doesn’t take the psychology degree Cami is going for to see her role as the innocent vs the troupe of evil. But it works and I’m ready to see Cami cause a few hiccups for both Marcel and Klaus’ master plans.

Cami had been invited strategically by Rebekah, who needs Cami to provide some distraction for Marcel. Distraction accomplished. She’s genuinely flattered by the attention Marcel is giving her but still regards him with some trepidation. The Moments of Goodness, though, are in Cami’s exchanges with Klaus. Her innocence of who Klaus is and more importantly, what kind of person he is, make her unafraid to be herself and call it like she sees it.

Cami: “The guy of hers Rebekah was talking about. I’m sensing that would be Marcel.”

Klaus: “I wouldn’t worry about it. Ancient history.”

Cami: “I’m beginning to think your sister is a bit of a bitch.”

Klaus: (Chuckling) “It’s as though she invented the term.”

Candid and direct, she intrigues Klaus. Even more so once she spots Marcel’s argument with his right hand man, Thierry.

Tangled up in Blue
Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Klaus: “You alright, luv?”

Cami: (watching Marcel) “He’s got a temper, doesn’t he? (beat) I guess this is the moment I remember I know better.”

In the few quick conversations with Klaus, we’ve learned Cami can see through manipulations and games and what’s more, she’s not afraid to do what’s best for herself.  She’s pure of heart, as Rebekah calls it, leaving her as one of the sole characters we can admire at this point. She’s proven to be feisty, honest and immeasurably cool.

But can we trust her? We’ll find out as we get more of Cami’s story. So far she’s managed to snag the attention of two vampires, three if you count Elijah, and earned the admiration of Klaus. In a rare show of interest, Klaus names her the brave bartender for leaving Marcel’s party and not falling for his charade of goodness. Underneath the witty banter, there seems to be something simmering there between Cami and Klaus. (#Klami?) What’s interesting is that in her flirtations with Klaus she isn’t regarding him with the same care she’s giving Marcel. Perhaps because they haven’t graduated past anything more than loaded gazes and friendly chatting, but for one who can clearly see through Marcel’s character, you’d think Klaus’s aura would give off four engine alarm bells to her. Oh, how naivety can be so mean.

I’m not entirely convinced Klaus has any real emotion for her yet and views her more as a piece of that whole kingdom he’s determined to steal from Marcel. They may be setting up a love triangle but I’d be shocked if her history doesn’t tie her in to their world somehow. Judging from next week’s promos, things may change for Klaus and Cami quickly. We can only hope to get more moments of goodness out of her innocence playing against the war brewing.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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