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NCIS Preview: “Anonymous Was a Woman” [PHOTOS and VIDEO] 

Anonymous Was A Woman
Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

[WARNING: Mild spoilers for tonight’s NCIS]

Well, the first post-Ziva episode that went down last week was a return to the fun, solid episodes of old. This week, expect something decidedly more emotional. Muse Watson returns as Mike Franks, presumably in flashbacks, but could be his ghost self, too. I believe “Anonymous Was a Woman” is the fourth Franks appearance since the character was killed off in season eight’s “Swan Song.”

“Anonymous was a Woman” Synopsis: Gibbs and McGee travel to Afghanistan when a murder case leads them to an Afghan women’s shelter Mike Frank’s secretly supported for years.

As for guest stars, Lolita Davidovich joins the show for an episode. Early in her career, Davidovich made her mark on the big screen in movies like Blaze and The Object of Beauty. But these days, she’s been all over TV having guest starred on The L Word, CSI, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Psych, Rizzoli & Isles and appeared in the TV movies Cinema Verité and Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story.

And returning for another episode is Jackie Geary, who plays NCIS Special Agent Susan Grady. She’s the polygraph operator that had a crush on McGee, but he blew it. I wonder what their interaction is going to be this time around?

Are you looking forward to Gibbs and Mike Franks? How about McGee in Afghanistan? Tune in tonight when NCIS airs at 8/7c.

Oh and Tony gets a Gibbs slap. See for yourself in this clip from “Anonymous Was a Woman”



Photo Credit for All Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Anonymous Was A Woman Anonymous Was A Woman Anonymous Was A Woman   Anonymous Was A Woman  Anonymous Was A WomanAnonymous Was A Woman

Anonymous Was A Woman

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