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And They’re Back, Castle “Number One Fan” 

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Confession: After four episodes of season six, I think this will be the season that kills the Castle fandom. Andrew Marlowe is having a ball playing with the characters, and in the process is trying to kill us all slowly. I have said this from episode one, and after last night, it is still holding true for me. I will admit I am not the only one to express this thought. (Safety in
numbers, right?)

Okay here is what I loved:

  • Beckett staying with Castle. I loved the opening scenes of Castle and Beckett being together. It was sweet and so natural, the way any real couple who just got engaged should be. Now, having said that, I thought it was so funny how Pi, Martha and Alexis just walked right in on them.
  • I think Martha and Alexis had legitimate reasons (Martha’s class coming over and Captain Gates being on the phone asking for Castle) but Pi didn’t have to walk right in. I am still not sure whether I like or dislike him.
  • The hostage situation. I liked how Castle had a bigger role in the case. I honestly didn’t see of the stuff coming with Emma. There were definitely some twists that were totally unexpected. I thought Castle was really hurt when he was shot (thank goodness he had on a vest underneath). How much more can that man take if we are only four episodes in? (See confession).
  • Oh, I can’t forget the Caskett moment here where Beckett was talking about kind of liking the idea of spending the rest of her life with Castle. Aww! I also loved how Castle looked back at her before he went into the building.
  • The fact that Beckett is back at the 12th precinct in NYC. Yes! I didn’t know how they were going to bring her back in after last week, but I was very happy with the way it was done. I liked how everyone was surprised and that she got to tell them “I’m back” and then held up her badge.
  • Not only that, but Castle is back too! It wouldn’t be the same if they couldn’t be partners. Overall loved the ending scenes as much as I did the opening ones. It felt very solid and organic to me.

Must mention–

Lanie: I was so glad that Lanie was back! I have nothing against Arye Gross, but I can’t stand Pearlmutter at all. I thought Lanie talking to Beckett about wedding venues was cute and something a best friend would do.

Sully: I am not too sure about him yet. I know that he hasn’t been in the show much, but I guess the jury is still out. Last week he was in my top 3 list of people I can’t stand and this week I am on the fence. I didn’t like how he acted toward Beckett at first. I also don’t like to see the team dynamic change with a new character either. I guess I will have to see him more before I can make a final decision on him.

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