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Guest Star Goodness

Will Makes Alicia An Offer She Can Refuse, The Good Wife “A Precious Commodity” 

Photo Credit: Myles Aronowitz/CBS
Photo Credit: Myles Aronowitz/CBS

How it is possible for this show to keep getting better and better with each and every passing season? Things are getting very messy at Lockhart Gardner and Alicia is in the eye of the storm. She’s walking an incredibly fine line right now. She has to make sure there is no hint of impropriety in her behavior as a partner at the firm and she also have to look out for the interests of her new business venture. On top of all that, she’s worried about how young men are starting to look at her daughter and David Lee has hijacked her surrogacy case. And even though I think David Lee is despicable, I still love him.

Is it weird that I feel bad for Will? Diane betrays him to secure her nomination for the Illinois Supreme Court. And even though Will offered Alicia the position of managing partner after Diane leaves, she decides to accelerate the timing of her departure with the 4th years. I think it’ll be interesting to see Will’s reaction when he realizes Alicia has betrayed him as well. That particular betrayal he will take extremely personally.

I do have to say I’m disappointed that Diane gave in to Eli’s demands. When is listening to Eli ever a good idea? He’s doing his job as Peter’s Chief of Staff, but that doesn’t mean Diane should’ve done as he suggested. Her first instinct – which was to protect Will and by extension the firm – was correct. The fact that she could be persuaded to do something she didn’t agree with, even to get something she’s always wanted, makes me question her motives and her loyalty. I think Diane is a great lawyer and an even better role model, but that wasn’t the best decision she’s ever made.

And somehow I didn’t realize Kalinda didn’t know Alicia was leaving the firm. I know their relationship never really recovered after Alicia found out Kalinda had slept with her husband, but I felt like they were making progress. It’s hard to accept that their relationship will never recover, because I loved it so much. Sigh. But when Robyn tells Kalinda that Alicia is leaving with Cary? Such a great scene. We haven’t seen enough of Kalinda lately, so I liked watching her take that news. I wonder if she’ll keep that information to herself.

Guest Star Goodness

As always, this show manages to attract top-tier talent to fill the ranks of its weekly guest stars. Let’s highlight a few of them.

I was very happy to see Melissa George back this week. You may remember her from In Treatment, Grey’s Anatomy or Hunted.  I remember hating her from Alias, but on this show I really like her character. I think Eli has every right to worry about Marilyn and Peter. They’re definitely connecting on more than a professional level and wouldn’t it be ironic if the person who is in charge of making the Governor’s office look like their avoiding all suggestions of impropriety gets caught in a compromising situation with him? Peter had better not screw this up. I don’t want to see whatever this is ruin Marilyn’s career and destroy his marriage. Keep it in your pants Governor!

I was extremely excited to see Janel Moloney is this week’s episode. Of course, we know and love her from The West Wing and I also remember her from a very powerful episode of House. She and her husband have a surrogate and after an amnio that all but confirms that they’ll have a baby with severe development disabilities who probably won’t live even a year, they decide to terminate the pregnancy. But their surrogate doesn’t want to. It’s a pretty messy case and what we learn about Kathy makes us realize why she can’t bring another baby into this world to suffer. Her first child was born with a heart defect and died after six month. She can’t and won’t watch another child of hers suffer. It’s a pretty powerful argument.

I’ll admit it: I was no fan of Smash (after the pilot), but I didn’t go so far as to hate watch it. I did like Christian Borle though, so I was very excited to see him in tonight’s episode as Kathy’s lawyer Carter. I love that he fought so hard for the rights of the parents, even though some of his tactics were very underhanded. I mean, I guess there’s no way to know if some of those allegations were true. I hope they weren’t, but he more than did his job as their lawyer.

I can’t mention all the other great guest stars and not mention Talia Balsam, who played Ann Stevens, the reporter who not only got Diane to spill the beans on Will but was also asking some difficult questions during Alicia and Peter’s photo shoot. You may know her from Mad Men or Homeland. I kind of hope she sticks around to cause more trouble.

The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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