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Moment of Goodness

Three Moments of Goodness from Haven “Bad Blood” 

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

“Bad Blood” shot literal, actual CGI holes in my presumption that Audrey had been spit out of the barn somewhere else in the world. That realization, and two other scenes, gave us three Moment of Goodness in Haven this week.

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Duke saves the day

Duke has had to step up in the first few episodes of this season, almost to a manic degree, and I’m wondering if we’re going to find out he’s trying outrun something that happened in the barn. When the disembodied blood blob (work with me) appears in the police station, he rushes Jennifer out of harm’s way and also panics because of his ability. A few drops land on him, he Hulks out, and then nothing. So when the larger blob reappears and seems to be coming for Nathan, he takes it on, Hulks out, threatens Dwight, and survives.

Afterward, Jennifer is hurt that he hadn’t told her what he could do, and she tearily tells him it looked awful, like he was in terrible pain. He confides in her that it’s quite the opposite–it’s what he imagines a heroin high would be. Disappointingly, he never has a conversation with Nathan–and that’s a larger nit I have so far with this season–Nathan is going through the motions of resuming detective work and fighting Troubles and looking for Audrey but I feel like he’s in the background. I hope they bring him forward soon.

The Teagues identify a body

Dwight sends the estranged brothers out of town to identify the body of a girl who was found in the forest right after the barn disappeared. This weighs heavily on Vince because he’s already admitted he’s still in love with Sarah. When they get to the morgue, Vince tells Dave he worries for the larger impact if Audrey really is dead because then what do they do about the Troubles. Finally emboldened to go in, Vince asks to see the left foot first because Audrey had a scar. This girl doesn’t. Relieved, he is then OK to do the proper viewing and we confirm she is not Audrey.

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Lexie (and Jennifer) start to hear the truth

When Lexie’s attempt to leave the bar throws her right back into it, supposedly the next morning, she realizes all is not right. She asks William if she’s dead and he tells her “no.” He makes her realize that the bar, and everyone in it, are figments, and as she grasps that, the patrons, and finally the bartender who is her friend, disappear. Once Lexie has accepted what he’s telling her, he confirms that they are the only ones who are real.

Then he tells her the bar is inside the barn, which is imploding, so they need to get out of it ASAP. From his point of view, we see holes similar to what Duke saw breaking through the walls. Lexie doesn’t see them, but she believes that the situation is dire.

Meanwhile, back in Haven. a drug-free Jennifer panics when she hears a crowd of people and goes downstairs to find the Gull is empty. She races to Duke for help, and he tries to reach Nathan. While waiting for him to call back, they fret about whether she ever heard anything related to Haven at all, until the blood blob intervenes. At the end of the episode, Jennifer very clearly only hears two voices–Lexie and William–and she runs to tell the boys.

So now we know the where of Lexie/Audrey and that makes the getting her home that much trickier. It also upends who I thought William was, but I think I know now who he could be instead. When we get to the end of the season, I’ll share my nickel theories.

It feels like they’re pushing hard toward Jennifer and Duke being a thing, and if so, I’m OK with that. I think Duke needs somebody to put his emotions onto while Audrey is missing, and hopefully if they’re going to go there, whatever happens with Jennifer is still genuine when Audrey comes home. I still want to see more of what Nathan’s going through happen onscreen. I feel like they’re not giving Lucas Bryant enough to do yet, and I want them to take the reins off him. There was one flicker of emotion when Duke and Nathan jostled to decide who would save the day–I want more of that.

The next new episode of Haven airs Friday at 10/9c.

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