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The White Queen Preview: “Poison and Malmsey Wine” [VIDEO and PHOTOS] 

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

In a series filled with strong female characters, it’s been especially rewarding to watch a few of these women come into their own. In particular, I’ve been enjoying Anne Neville’s journey over the past few episodes. I’m very curious to see what this new marriage brings her and if it helps her continue on this path. When Anne is steadfast in her beliefs and vocal in her opinions, she makes me respect her even more. She learned a lot being The Kingmaker’s daughter and the daughter-in-law to Margaret of Anjou. It seems like she and Isabel are finally in synch once again, but I wonder how long that will last. Will Anne ever be able to gain Elizabeth’s trust? Will Anne be the daughter-in-law Duchess Cecily always wanted but never had with Elizabeth? We know what the history books say (almost nothing), but it remains to be seen what their relationship will evolve into during this series. Will they become friends before Richard pushes Elizabeth’s son off the throne? Or will Elizabeth’s inability to forgive Anne for her first marriage always keep them at odds? I’m looking forward to finding out.

From Starz:

Anne Neville takes center stage as paranoia starts to implode her family. Fear and a deadly concoction threaten to ake them all start dropping like flies.

The White Queen airs Saturdays at 9/8c on Starz.


Preview 1:

Preview 2:


All photos courtesy of Starz.

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