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Guest Star Goodness

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from New Girl “Nerd” (+ Guest Star Goodness) 

Photo Credit: Jennifer Clasen/FOX

Before we get to our favorite quotes from New Girl, let’s talk about all the guest star goodness that went down in “Nerd.” There were great characters from seasons past plus a fresh new batch. 

The New Girl Alums

Curtis Armstrong (Principal Foster) – He appeared during season two and he was back as Jess’ boss. Armstrong is probably best known as Booger from the Revenge of the Nerd movies. One of his other claim to fame roles as playing Burt Viola on Moonlighting. He’s been in a million things over the years (The Closer, Scandal, CSI) but most recently, he’s been playing the angel Metatron on the CW’s Supernatural. I assume he will be in the upcoming season nine that debuts on Tuesday, Oct. 8.

Eva Amurri Martino (Beth) – Beth is Schmidt’s jealous and bitchy co-worker who helped complicate his life in this episode. Martino was Jackie on Showtime’s Californication and recently did a couple episodes of The Mindy Project.

Merritt Wever (Elizabeth): I’m just bringing her up because after giving the best speech ever earlier this week, we can now call Wever an Emmy winner for her role on Nurse Jackie. Her nine-second or so acceptance speech was glorious. Wever also played one of Will’s sisters on The Good Wife.

Brenda Song (Daisy): Much like Wever, Song was on last season. I really like Daisy and Winston. Actually, I love Daisy and Winston. But the actress is now appearing on one of FOX’s other comedies – Dads. I hope one day (soon), she’ll be back on New Girl in some capacity.

The Mean Girl Teacher Click

-There were three teachers at Jess’ school that were the cool click. The ones that made her feel like a nerd just like she was in high school. It just reminds me that no matter how old you get. No matter where you work or play or whatever. Sometimes you can never get away from that high school vibe. Anyway, the three actors at the center of this click are all memorable faces:

Angela Kinsey (Rose): Kinsey’s best known as Angela from NBC’s late great comedy The Office.

Mark Proksch (Dan): He’s also from The Office. He played Nate.

Dreama Walker (Molly): She was June on one of favorite shows of last season: Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23. It’s funny because in this particular episode of New Girl, they played the theme to Dawson’s Creek (Paula Cole’s “I Dont Want to Wait”) and I couldn’t help think of Don’t Trust the B because Dawson himself – James Van Der Beek – was on that show and June was obsessed with Dawson’s Creek. Walker has also been in The Good Wife and I believe is returning to that show this upcoming season which starts Sunday Sept. 29 on CBS.

What They Said: New Girl “Nerd”

Photo Credit: Jennifer Clasen/FOX

Cece: “Who’s that?”
Schmidt: “That’s my doctor. Dr. Cover. Dr. Wyland Cover. He’s my oncologist. He’s an oncologist.”

Winston: “Hey, you guys know anything about cats? You know I’m trying to score points with Daisy so I promised to watch her cat tonight.”
Schmidt: “They carry disease. They’re obsessed with my nipples and they are unwelcome in this loft.”

Nick: “Do you look okay? Hell, yeah. I wanna put it on you.”
Jess: “On? Put it on me?”
Nick: “Uh, yeah, on. I stand by that.”

Nick: “Leave it to me. I’ll fix it. You’re Nick Miller’s girl now. You’re my old lady.
Jess: “What?”
Nick: “Whatever you need – you got it.”
Jess: “Why are you talking like a James Taylor song?”

Schmidt: “You know I’ve never actually seen you this happy. Who are you?
Nick: “I don’t know.”
Schmidt: “I’ve never seen you smile. Ever. This is the first time. It’s not bad. I mean, it’s not great. But…”
Nick: “Somewhere right in the middle.”

Winston: “So I’m just gonna go over there and I’m gonna tell Daisy, ‘Listen, my heart is a two-man bike and I want you in the rear. What do you think?”
Nick: “Winston, don’t say that! You want her in the…You can say the rear but you don’t want her in your rear.”
Schmidt: “No. Don’t say the rear — anytime.”
Winston: “You guys are just jealous. You guys are just trying to steal my swag.”
Schmidt: “I wouldn’t even know how to begin to steal a swag.”

Jess (to Nick): “That’s an amazing move, sex partner.”

Schmidt: “With the promotion, I got a new office. So I don’t have to look at Bethany’s mismanaged eyebrows all day. Do you like it? It’s the perfect two-thirds replica of Don Draper’s office from Mad Men. And you’re my sexy Peggy.”

Schmidt: “Do I feel bad about lying to them? Yes. I’m a Sagittarius.”

Winston: “And I want us to be exclusive. Just you and me in the rear.”

(A drunk) Jess: “Schools are for fools!” “Sometimes firemen are women.”
Nick: “Yeah they are.”

Schmidt: “You can’t come up with me to the party tonight. They just told me that it’s employees only. No Sig-Oths.”
Cece: “Just say significant others.”
Schmidt: “Well maybe you have that kind of time but I’m on a tight schedj.”

Winston: “Break up with Daisy. That’s an option. I was thinking like I’ll kill her cat.”

Jess: “If I met you in high school you never would have even noticed me.”
Winston: “That’s just because I didn’t go to class. I wouldn’t have seen you.”

Winston: “I got your cat!”

Nick: “Hey, I just wanna say. I would have noticed you.”

New Girl airs Tuesdays on FOX at 9/8c.

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