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5 Quick TEASES for Castle’s Season 6 Premiere “Valkyrie” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Foreman
Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Foreman

We’ve seen the premiere and it’s everything we could’ve hoped for and more. We’ve definitely been anticipating the return of this show for months – you might even say the wait has been torturous. All summer we’ve been wondering whether or not Beckett would accept Castle’s marriage proposal and if she’d take that job in DC. 

From ABC: 

Last season ended with Beckett wrestling over whether to take a high-profile job in DC — a dilemma made more complicated when Castle proposed to her. In the Season 6 premiere Castle and Beckett will deal with the consequences of their decisions against the backdrop of a high-stakes investigation.

We mentioned how much we liked this episode, right? Here are 5 quick teases on what you can expect:

1 — We love the way the cliff-hanger was resolved. It was perfection, really.

2 — Get ready for a Nosy Castle. He’s always been in everybody’s business, but he takes things to new heights in this premiere.

3 — Love the ending and the way it sets up the second episode. It will have you wishing Monday Sept. 30 was here sooner rather than later.

4 — Alexis surprises her dad in a big, big way and let’s just say this will be a huge adjustment for Castle.

5 — Ryan and Espo are in the episode and inadvertently get pulled into Castle’s sleuthing. Their help comes with a price though.

Also, the picture above is the only Beckett scoop we feel safe in revealing. That picture speaks volumes and we don’t want to give anything else away.


Castle Preview 2:

Season 6 of Castle premieres Monday, Sept. 23 at 10/9c on ABC. And heads up: we’ll be talking about this awesome premiere Tuesday, Sept. 24 on the PodCastle. The discussion commences at 9pm Eastern / 8pm Central / 6pm Pacific. To join in on the Castle goodness here are the stats:

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