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Moment of Goodness

Five Quick Moments of Goodness from The Newsroom Season Two Finale “Election Night, Part II” 


[Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD for The Newsroom Season Two Finale]

(These are in no particular order)

1. Will realizes that he’s in love with Mac. He unlocks his desk, pulls out the ring, finds her on the set and asks her to marry him. The conversation went down something like this:

Will: “I didn’t return it because I am in love with you.”
Mac: “What the f–k is happening now.”
Will: “I think you should say yes.”
Mac: “Yes, I’m saying yes.”
Will: “Thank God.” [BIG KISS]
Mac: “It took you long enough.” Will: “Seriously?”

2. Sloan figures out that Don is the person who bought her book and she wastes no time telling him how she feels about it. During a break, Sloan marches into the control room and lays a STEAMY KISS on him. Don: “What I have can’t be topped.” And with that, Mac yells: “Get her in the chair.” WHAT A KISS! Talk about chemistry!!!

3. Charlie tells Will that no one will be resigning. Later, Reese announces his decision. NO ONE WILL BE FIRED over the Genoa incident. The scene is filled with LAUGH OUT LOUD banter between Reese and Charlie. Leona sums it up, “You’re all idiots.”

4. During an intimate conversation with Jim, Maggie tells him why she cut her hair, “He had never seen blonde hair before and when I was reading to him he was playing with my hair, so I cut my hair.” Jim reassures her that she is strong. The two reminisce about their past.

5. And – everything else. BRING ON SEASON 3!!!

Look for a complete recap of tonight’s episode and a breakdown of Season Two – coming soon.

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