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Haven Preview: Lucas Bryant Talks Season Four, Part 3 [INTERVIEW] 

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

[Warning: there are some general spoilers for season four throughout the interview. If you want to be wholly pristine for the premiere, come back and visit us Friday night!]

As we wrap up our interview series with Haven’s Lucas Bryant, he talks about how time has flown this year, behind the scenes and on camera, the longevity and fan success of the show, and how he hopes Haven will end (someday way off).

The cast returned to Halifax, Nova Scotia last spring to begin shooting the new season, and they’re now working on episode 12, with just one more to go before their hiatus. Bryant says it’s gone by in an instant. “It feels fast…I can’t believe that we are almost done. So that’s an indication, I think, of some good momentum,” he says. “[Last year,] we had the ticking clock with Audrey’s inevitable departure and…this year [we continue] that momentum.”

“[This season], Nathan is…sort of a wild man with a one-track mind, and [like] I said before, we are all…dealing with a new level of self-doubt and desperation…I think those factors can lead to more…sometimes irrational behavior that only…speeds up this inevitable whirlwind of madness that is Haven Season 4. I don’t know exactly the dates, but it feels like every now and then we stop and we are like, ‘hang on…this last episode that we just did, that was yesterday, right, and the one that happened…that was the day before…?’ So this season happens in a really short timespan once we do the time jump in between seasons.”

One of the themes put on the table in the premiere is the idea of Nathan and Audrey as one true love, an idea that Duke challenges a bit. When asked about that, Bryant staked Nathan’s claim. “Well, [Duke] is wrong. Yeah, well, hypothetically, if [it turns out Nathan isn’t], then we would hypothetically get to see exactly how Nathan deals with that in a hypothetical world,” he suggests. He then teased us about when that “could” happen. “If the writers were going to explore that possibility, that would be very interesting. I hope they do, and they hypothetically might in some episode hypothetically around 4, 5, or 6.”

When asked about what has led to the longevity of the show, Bryant showed his humor again, telling us it’s all him. “I have been very modest in the past, but you know what, Season 4…it’s time now. I’m going to go ahead and take credit for all of our success,” he says. Taking a moment to genuinely consider it, he says it’s been an amazing personal journey. “Here we are four years later. [My] daughter is…in kindergarten this year and she was just a little diaper-wrapped noodle when we started, so that’s how I can count it. But why has it lasted? I have no idea, but I am so thankful for it.”

“I think that there is just a lot of heart in the show, and people respond to that…and in all things around it. I’ve said [it, and we’ve] all said before, and as I said earlier, what a pleasure it is to shoot here and to be in (Chester) and be in Nova Scotia and to have…such a fantastic local crew and such great people involved [along with all of the] actors and producers,” he says.

“It’s really a tight ship and a tight family. [Not] to say it’s without its own set of problems and issues that…we are always working through. But really, [we] are just so thankful to be together here and loving this job. [There] is just such joy in making this, and in some way, I think that can’t help but make it onto the screen…Hopefully, that’s felt and…as dark as it can be and especially as we are moving forward, the show has gotten darker, but I still hope [that] people feel and some get joy out of the relationships of these characters and the fun of the story and the beauty of the locations.”

He also gives credit to Stephen King’s fans and the fans of the show. “[They] have just been so loyal and supportive and wonderful…and they have told their friends and together, they and their friends, and their friends have kept us on the air,” he says. “We are not a hugely promoted show …but the results that the show has been getting, the numbers and support that the show has been getting is in no way proportionate to the amount of money that we have…I feel like that family feeling has spread out through the viewers, and fans, and us. It’s just a real joy to be a part of and I am so thankful that we’ve done four and…hopefully four more.”

Looking down the road, Bryant is in for the long haul. He’s OK if the show ends with Nathan as a very old man who dies when his rocking chair breaks on his porch. “Either that or Nathan, Duke, and Audrey start a band [and go] on the road,” he says. “[I] would like a happy ending. You know is that too much to ask? I would like [these characters]…to figure out what in God’s name is going on here and how to stop it in a way that…included everyone surviving. That would be nice.

“We are learning that…the forces behind this phenomenon are huge and powerful. [To] be able to get into all of that, explain them, explore them, and then somehow fix it, that would be wild. But first of all, I would just be curious to see what they are…I feel like we do have a good four more seasons in it.”

Let’s hope so! Haven’s fourth season begins tomorrow on Syfy at 10/9c.

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