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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Harvey Teams Up with a Badass Louis Litt, Suits “Bad Faith” 

Photo Credit: Robert Ascroft/USA Network
Photo Credit: Ian Watson/USA Network
Photo Credit: Ian Watson/USA Network

In “Bad Faith,” a betrayed Scottie let Harvey know that for once in his life, he should have showed some vulnerability after Hessington Oil fired Pearson Specter. He thought Scottie had backstabbed him after he agreed to exclude those Folsom Foods numbers. Instead of finding out whether this was true, he one upped Scottie and secured Tony Gianopolous and his considerable fortunes. It’s all about who comes out on top, right?

Needless to say Scottie wasn’t happy. She told Harvey that she would not take part in dissolving the Pearson Darby Specter merger/partnership. She felt he should have contacted her and asked her to exclude the Hessington firing from the calculations. Who knows if she would have actually agreed to do that. But Harvey could have taken a chance. Donna told him to. But he didn’t. Because showing vulnerability and trusting someone else is above Harvey’s pay grade at this point.

This all means a whole world of trouble for Jessica and Harvey in next week’s summer finale. But this week, Harvey may have wanted to take a page out of Louis’ book. Because Louis finally had no choice but to go to Harvey and present his brilliant plan. He also knew that he would have to turn it over to Harvey because Gianopoulos (and his right hand man) didn’t think Louis was big enough of a figure to get into bed with so to speak.

So it had to be Harvey. His name is on the wall. Even before his name went right up next to Jessica’s, they would have hired him. Louis knows this. And he had to swallow his ego and show a massive amount of vulnerability to get Harvey to go with this plan. Katrina had urged him to. And he did it. And in the same episode that Harvey called Louis a joke, he showed Louis some mad respect. This is rare for Harvey but he has done this before. And he reiterated to Louis what he means to the firm:

Harvey: “Louis, this is brilliant. And if you hadn’t had the balls to come to me, we’d have nothing right now.”

Louis: “Harvey, I know. I should have come to you sooner but I didn’t because I just…”

Harvey: “Louis, I’ve told you this before, but it’s always been when I needed something from you. And I don’t need anything from you right now because you just gave it to me. So maybe you can hear it when I say it. I respect you. You’re an excellent attorney. A valuable member of this firm.”

Louis: “And a friend?”

Harvey: “Don’t push it.”

Louis: “I’m sorry. Seriously, Harvey, I just have to say — it means so much when you say all that.”

Harvey: “Do you need a tissue or something?”

Louis: “Can I use your pocket square?”

Harvey: “Under no circumstances.”

Louis: “I’ll be fine. And you and Jessica need to take it over to Gianopoulos right now.”

Harvey: “Screw that. I’m going over there with you.”

OK, I loved how Louis looked like he was going to cry after hearing those words from Harvey. He was kind of down and out in “Bad Faith” after messing up the dissolution talks with all that Mikado business. But by the end, he was on a high. I loved how the meeting with Harvey, Louis, Tony Gianopoulos and his right hand guy went. Harvey and Louis made an awesome team:

Tony: “This isn’t public.”

Louis: “It will be in 48 hours and it’s legal now.”

Tony’s right hand guy: “How do you know that?”

Louis: “Because I structured it that way. I can do more of the same for you but he didn’t tell you because I wasn’t enough of a name.”

Tony: “You’re not.”

Harvey: “But I am.”

Tony: “What you are is a man who shoots from the hip which I like but…”

Harvey: “You also need a stabilizing influence.” (Harvey actually pats Louis on the back)

Louis: “Not a football player…”

Harvey: “But a fan of the ballet.”

Louis: “Muscle.”

Harvey: “And finesse.”

Tony: “And you guys think that I’m not aware that this is all about your merger negotiations.”

Harvey: “Oh I was counting on you being aware of it.”

Louis: “Because then you’ll also be aware that we can be very flexible in our billings.”

Tony: “As long as I pay enough up front to tip the scales in your favor.”

Louis: “We’ll structure a schedule that results in you getting a substantial financial benefit.”

Harvey: “Which is his specialty.”

Louis: “Go ahead, tell him.”

Tony’s right hand guy: “He’s a badass.”

Harvey: “What do you say we celebrate our new association over dinner in Chicago with Michael Jordan.”

Tony: “We can take my private jet.”

Louis: “Hey…which will allow us to pay for it and for you to write it off.”

This doesn’t happen often but when Harvey and Louis are on the same side and have each other’s backs, they are formidable. Don’t know if this will turn the page on their relationship, however. They’re probably going to scratch and claw and turn on each other — same as always. But the potential for greatness is there when they team up. And I will savor the times when they actually do that. I love it when Louis and Harvey figure out their s–t enough to work together. And it’s a beautiful thing when Louis really shows us how good a lawyer he is. Gabriel Macht and Rick Hoffman were absolutely awesome in their “Bad Faith” scenes.

The Suits summer finale airs Tuesday Sept. 17 @ 10/9c on USA Network.

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  1. Natalie

    You mentioned two of my favorite scenes from the episode. I also really like the scene where Harvey is trying to understand how Louis could have messed up the negotiations.”What is a Mikado? “He tried to threaten your cat? His cat? Read your letters to the cat? Harvey trying to wrap his head around something so inane and mind-boggling at the same time, lol! At least in the end, Louis brought it back and redeemed himself. Finale next week. It’ll be hard to wait until 2014 for more. 🙂

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