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Ray Donovan Preview: “Fite Nite” [INTERVIEW + VIDEO] 

Photo Credit:  Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME
Photo Credit: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

With only 3 episodes left this season, the tension on Ray Donovan could not be higher. Ray’s secrets still aren’t safe with Mickey around and Ray aims to fix that little problem. In “Fite Night” Ray and his family go to Terry’s club while Ray puts his plan with Sully in motion. Will Ray go through with it? Will Mickey make it to the fight? Can Ray live with what he’s done?

TV Goodness spoke exclusively with Conor Donovan’s Devon Bagby about the show. Not only is this his first series regular role, but it’s his second TV job ever. Read the interview below and check out the previews from tonight’s all new episode.


TV GOODNESS: Was there a moment you knew you wanted to be an actor? 

Devon Bagby: “As long as I can remember I wanted to act. I remember begging my mom since I was 5 years old. She kept saying no, no, no and finally she said, ‘When your sister goes to college.’ So when my older sister went to college I started acting and I booked Ray Donovan.”

TV GOODNESS: How did you hear about the series and this part?

Devon: “I remember getting the audition. The first thing I did was look at the cast. I looked at the cast and I read the script and I told myself, ‘I could play this character really well.’ And I went in and I had a few great auditions and I booked it.”

TV GOODNESS: Based on the caliber of actors you’re working with, it seems like you’re learning a lot about the business.

Devon: “I definitely am. I’m hearing a lot of life stories, which are great and I’m learning a lot about acting.”

TV GOODNESS: Tell me about your favorite scene and who’s been the most fun to work with so far.

Devon: “I really liked the scene in episode 106 [‘Housewarming’] where Ray pulls a gun on Mickey.”

TV GOODNESS: Yeah, that was intense.

Devon: “I liked that one. It took us two nights to film it and everyone was together so it was super fun and we were all basically having a party when we weren’t on camera.

TV GOODNESS: It’s a dark show, but it sounds like when you’re not filming it’s fun and it’s like a family.

Devon: “Yeah, we’re a big family. That’s what we are.”

TV GOODNESS : Is there anything you can tease about the remaining episodes?

Devon: “All I can say is it’s about to get crazy.”‘

TV GOODNESS: Yeah, it’s already starting to get crazy. I did not expect the ending of last week’s episode.

Devon: “Yeah. I read the scripts in shock.”

TV GOODNESS: The show can get violent. Are you allowed to watch all the episodes or do your parents have something to say about that?

Devon: “I’m luckily allowed to watch everything, but if I weren’t in the show I think it might be a different story.”

TV GOODNESS: What else do you have coming up? Are you going to be working on any other TV show or any movies?

Devon: “I worked on this one TV show called Ironside that’s coming out and I have a guest-starring role in that.”

TV GOODNESS: Are you more interested in TV or movies or you’ll just see where your career takes you?

Devon: “I am interested in both, but I’m more interested in working in movies. I’ve never worked on one, but I like that fact that you play a different character in the next movie.”

TV GOODNESS: Any final thoughts? Anything you want people who watch the show to know?

Devon: “I just want them to know we’re not nearly as dysfunctional as we are in the show and we’re a good bunch of people. We all hang out off set and my sister in the show, Kerris [Dorsey], is probably my best friend.”

TV GOODNESS: That’s nice.

Devon: “Yeah. And I really enjoy hanging out with Paula Malcolmson, who plays my mother in the show. She is awesome. Awesome.”

TV GOODNESS: She seems like she is. You have a lot of scenes with Liev Schreiber and some great scenes with Jon Voight. How’s it been to work with them?

Devon: “It’s a great learning opportunity and I’ve learned a lot. They’ve taught me so much. I just started acting and I didn’t know too much so they taught me basically everything I know. They’re great people.”

Preview 1:

Preview 2:

Preview 3:

Ray Donovan airs Sundays at 10/9c on Showtime.

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