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Broadchurch “Episode 3” 

Photo Credit: BBC America
Photo Credit: BBC America

If you’re not watching this atmospheric examination into the investigation of a small town murder, you’re missing out on a great show. David Tennant and Olivia Colman are the cops investigating the crime. Andrew Buchan and Jodie Whittaker are the grieving parents who have been together since they were teens, but have drifted apart. Jonathan Bailey is the small town reporter trying to impress stringer Vicky McClure when she comes to town to do a piece not on the murder, but on DI Alec Hardy. And the rest of the cast of characters are the small town residents either trying to deal with this tragedy or keep their heads down so they don’t warrant suspicion.

Mark Latimer’s alibi falls apart and he’s arrested for obstructing the investigation

When Hardy asked for Mark’s alibi in the last episode, he claimed he couldn’t remember the name of the person he’d spent his time with. Mark claimed he was “hazy” or “confused” and couldn’t remember the name of the man he’s worked with for the last three years. But we come to find out he’d started an affair with Becca Fisher that night and didn’t want to tell the police. I get why he felt he needed to keep that secret, but is being accused of murdering your own son worth all that? I know Broadchurch is a small town and word gets around, but it seems like obfuscation to me. I know he’s ashamed of himself, but still. And the final straw has to be Beth accusing her husband (well, she asked but it was still an accusation) of murdering their child. I know why she did it. Steve Connelly’s words were hard to hear. If the killer is someone she knows very well, then it’s safe to assume it’s her husband or someone very close to her. When Mark leaves, she follows him and discovers the affair. I wonder if she’s ever going to tell him she’s pregnant.

Ellie keeps making overtures towards Hardy

Even though she accused him of stealing her job in the first episode, Ellie is trying to make the best of this bad situation. She’s kind of mothering Alec – making sure he eats, bringing him a thermos on a cold day, inviting him to dinner with her family. I like their strange relationship. Ellie reacts with her heart and Alec reacts with his head. Ellie knows this town and it’s people specifically and Alec knows the evidence and how people are in general. Ellie’s never worked on a case like this, Alec (even though he failed that family according to reporter Karen White) has. I think the combination of the two of them working together and challenging each other will help solve this case.


  • What did Nige cover up in his truck and why is he so nervous? What’s he hiding?
  • Why is Susan Wright acting so sketchy and what was she doing with Danny’s skateboard?
  • I get that Hardy sees this case as his penance, but is he trying to drive himself into an early grave? He is doctor is quite concerned.

Broadchurch airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on BBC America.

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