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The Newsroom “One Step Too Many” 


After weeks of disjointed storylines, the fictional story, Operation Genoa, is finally starting to come together, leading up to the final three episodes of season two.

In the event you are not familiar with the plot, the Genoa story is “loosely” based on Operation Tailwind, a military event that took place during the Vietnam War in 1970. Flash forward nearly 30 years; CNN aired a special report in June of 1998, called “Valley of Death.” The CNN report wrongfully accused the U.S. Military of using Sarin gas on civilians; similar to what we are now seeing unfold on The Newsroom. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out good for the folks involved in the real life story and it looks like the fictional characters will face a similar fate, thanks to punk producer, Jerry Dantana.

By now you should know Jerry is the guy Mac brought up from D.C. when Jim hopped on the Romney campaign bus to run away from his personal problems. Now he has Charlie and Mac convinced that Genoa is the real deal; however, not everyone is a believer. During their first official meeting, the smart folks, Don, Jim and Sloan were skeptical and insisted on more evidence. Maggie, who has been working along side Jerry, is clueless, as she’s still spinning from her trip to Africa. Where is Will in all of this? He doesn’t know about it – yet.

Poor Will. What happened to the man who was once on a “mission to civilize?” He’s now taking advice from gossip columnist and lover, Nina Howard. Since the two hit the sheets, she feels the need to tell Will what he could do better in order to connect with the viewers again. Talk about “Dumb and Dumber” – PUN INTENDED! Unfortunately for Will, he decides to take his girlfriend’s advice and makes an embarrassing appearance on ACN’s morning show. Thankfully, he comes to his senses and dumps Nina in a hot hurry.

Meanwhile, Mac and Charlie come up with a lame story and convince a retired General to meet with them. On the way to D.C., Charlie and Mac share an awkward moment when Mac plows into some garbage cans. Give the girl a break, after all, she lives in The Big Apple, maybe she doesn’t drive that often. Once inside, they convince, General Stomtonovich, a so-called, expert on the U.S. chemical weapons program to speak with them. Although he seems to be little off kilter, he accepts their offer. The next day Jerry Dantana shows up with Maggie and video equipment in hand; however, things don’t go as planned (at least for Maggie) it turns out that the interviewee only wants Jerry to interview him – how convenient for Jerry.

Once Jerry gets the interview he wants, the no-good producer takes it straight to the editing booth. Much to every journalist’s dismay, he takes the unethical route of no return. With the stroke of the keyboard button, Jerry manages to take a few things out and makes it his own, in order to sell the story to the rest of the staff. After going on a rant, Jerry finally manages to convince Charlie to green light Geona.  Sorry Charlie, it was the wrong call. In the final scene, while being deposed by legal eagle, Rebecca Halliday, he admits that an hour into the special report, “none of it was true.”

With only three episodes remaining, it’s unclear how Will becomes involved, but after watching the previews, it looks like we might find out this weekend.

The Newsroom airs on HBO Sundays at 10/9c.

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