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Graceland: 10 Things You Need to Know About “Smoke Alarm” Part 2 

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/USA Network

This week’s episode was so jam-packed that I don’t  even know where to start. So instead of a traditional recap, I’ve decided to take Tina’s episode preview and elaborate on each of our “10 Things to Look Forward To.” Without further ado:

Tina’s Preview #1: I have no idea how Briggs is going to get himself out of this hole he’s in.

Cortney’s Review: I still refuse to believe Briggs is a bad guy! But that being said, having shot an FBI agent does not bode well for him. Granted, Mike’s handler is super creepy and was uncover as a murderer to fulfill a personal off-book vendetta, but I can’t imagine that will make much difference. But does Briggs really think that was Jangles? After all, he is the one who claimed that he could identify him by his eyes and let’s be honest, from the nose up, the handler looks nothing like the real Jangles. However, Briggs was pretty drunk so there’s a chance he may not have noticed or may not realize it until later….or until he comes across the recording.  I’m eager to see how he handles it either way because thinking you killed a murderer is far different than thinking (or realizing) you killed a fellow agent.

Tina’s Preview #2: Charlie’s still suspicious.

Cortney’s Review: This makes me sad. But let’s be honest, it is completely realistic. These people are AGENTS after all! Their entire lives are built around seeing and identifying treachery and deceit so the fact that someone finally picked up on Briggs’ suspicious behavior seems inevitable. That being said, when Briggs was watching Charlie search the motel on his secret “smoke alarm camera,” I was on the edge of my seat. I am so interested to see these two finally face off…don’t get me wrong, there was tension between the two of them at breakfast time, but I can only imagine how it will eventually explode when it all comes to a head. And truthfully, I don’t know that Charlie really even knows what she’s thinking or what she believes…I feel as though she hasn’t reached any conclusion or put any puzzle pieces together yet. That being said, I hope her “suspicious activity” radar is blinking bright red with regard to her new Federale friend (otherwise known as the real Jangles). The look in her eye at the diner told me that she doesn’t entirely trust him…possibly because she came across something in his background investigation? Anyways, I’m a big Charlie fan so I want to believe this is part of her master plan to “get in good” with him  and ultimately use that to her advantage.

Tina’s Preview #3: Mike does something I’ve been waiting for him to do.

Cortney’s Review: FINALLY!!! Seriously, I know his handler has a fancy office and wears a suit and Mike is the type to bend to authority, but I was getting frustrated with how blindly he was trusting this guy. When he finally demanded answers (something I would’ve done much sooner), I was so proud. And ultimately, when he walked out after realizing the personal aspect and far-fetched nature of this assignment, I saw the growth that I’ve been waiting for in this character. Graceland has changed him, and it’s for the better.

Tina’s Preview #4: Some blanks are filled in.

Cortney’s Review: Continuing from the last point…Mike’s handler is essentially after Briggs because he believed that he burnt down the pre-Graceland Graceland and killed five agents, one of whom was his best friend. Now, I listened to his explanation twice, but I still could not for the life of me fathom how all these points indicated Briggs to be guilty. It seemed painfully obvious that he needed someone to blame for this fire and because Briggs survived, he became the scapegoat. That being said, as we saw at the end, the fire clearly had a big effect on Briggs and he may or may not have been involved in it in someway…but again, I refuse to believe he’s a bad guy.

Tina’s Preview #5: Someone sends a message to Bello that’s not cool. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty gross.

Cortney’s Review: Feet. Shoes. Blood. There is no way around this, you don’t mess with the Caza Cartel.

Tina’s Preview #6: I love the Johnny/Charlie friendship. They are flirtatious but in a cute nothing’s ever going to happen between them way.

Cortney’s Review: Love them! The shower scene in the beginning was adorable and their friendship adds such a levity to the show. Additionally, we finally saw Charlie and Paige interact and I feel like we definitely need more girl power in the future. Each time a new duo pairs off,  their dynamic is unique and genuine and entertaining, which is a big kudos to the actors.

Tina’s Preview #7: I like how Paige tries to connect with Mike.

Cortney’s Review: Loved this. Until the end, of course. Paige is so understanding and supportive, she really plays such a “house mother” role to Mike and he’s the type who needs that. I love how she can tell that something is eating away at him and offers to help him carry the burden. She is honest, but also sensitive. Which is why I hoped that his hospital room confession would’ve gone better. I mean, I can hardly blame her…a revelation like that is bound to rattle anybody, especially when it’s coming from a new kid and relates to someone who you’ve known and trusted for years. And if Mike was essentially “undercover’ in the house, it’s understandable for Paige to question whether anything Mike’s said or done has been genuine.  I hope she becomes a little more understanding (and maybe she would if she were in on Charlie’s side-investigation) and recognizes the predicament Mike was put in before long.

Tina’s Preview #8: There’s a little bit of shirtlessness and skin showing in the beginning of the episode.

Cortney’s Review: No complaints here!

Tina’s Preview #9: The ending is insane.

Cortney’s Review: Briggs shooting Mike’s handler! Charlie is now “working with” Jangles! Mike admits the truth to Paige! I don’t even know what to expect next week. Things are quickly coming to a head and I find myself loving this show more and more each week! So here’s to counting down ’til next Thursday!

Tina’s Preview #10: You have to watch this episode sooner rather than later. Don’t let it sit on your DVR for too long.

Cortney’s Review: If you’ve read this article, you are on the right track and this shouldn’t be a problem! This show is MUST SEE and we at TV Goodness have our fingers crossed for a season two!

Graceland airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

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