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Necessary Roughness “Sucker Punch”: Lies, Deception and Deceit 

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/USA Network

So Paloma may have come clean last night, taking down Troy in the process, but that hardly means that things are on the up and up over at V3. Paloma confessed her misgivings to Dani and used her hush money to prove that Troy was behind her betrayal, but Troy’s dismissal showed us that he may not be the big baddie that we suspect. Of course Troy is awful and evil (and a downright jerk) but as the episode came to an end, we learn that the thing that got him fired may have been one of the few circumstances where he wasn’t pulling the strings.

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/USA Network


Now, it breaks my heart to say this, but it’s starting to look like Connor’s hands may be dirtier than we thought. Paying off a client to frame Troy is bad enough, but to put Dr. Dani in the middle of a potential blackmail situation, unacceptable! Especially after a seemingly genuine sentiment that makes it clear that he values and trusts her. I can’t wait to see the tables turn once Dr. D finds out the truth…she is full of compassion and concern, but that is one woman that you don’t dare betray.

Deception popped up in other, less surprising, ways in this episode as well. While Abby appeared to be playing both sides, I never had any doubt that her loyalty laid with Connor…it’s clear that her feelings for him have never really gone away. At first it appeared as though she was spying on Connor for Troy, but it turned out to be the opposite…and in a clever maneuver, she even managed to use Troy’s own gadgets against him.

A woman who is so hell-bent on revenge as Abby was when she left Connor and created her own agency clearly has not let go of the past. And all it took was Connor’s re-illustration of his feelings for her to allow her to let go of the disdain and come crawling back. However, I do hope that Connor is not just using her feelings for him for his own nefarious purposes…because this woman is no wallflower and I can only imagine what lengths she’ll go to if she’s scorned again.

And I can’t wrap up without mentioning She-K. While this may not be so much corporate deceit as emotional deceit, I could not help but see through Sheera’s lies again last night. Her adamancy about TK taking the drug so he could get back on the field for three more years and thus keep She-K in the spotlight made me sick. I had really hoped that her love and concern and loyalty last week was genuine…but this showed me that her own fame and the success of She-K is more important to her than TK and his well-being.


Call me crazy, but I don’t think TK is completely oblivious of this fact either. And I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this “friendship” between TK and nurse India. I love how she doesn’t fall for his bullsh*t and even calls him out on it at times. She is smart and attractive and challenges him, so if he does manage to protect her in this clinic take-down, I can only hope this friendship turns in to more.

Be sure to tune in to the season finale of Necessary Roughness next Wednesday at 10/9c on USA.

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