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HBO Documentary Preview: Americans in Bed [VIDEO] 


Relationships are tough. Tell you something you don’t know, right? HBO’s Americans in Bed explores what makes or breaks a relationship today. From the privacy of their own bedrooms, ten couples offer frank, funny and often surprising insights into love, sex and marriage.

The couples:

  • Joe and Patty, in their 40s with three growing children. While physical attraction is a large part of what drew them to each other, sex is no longer the most important part of their relationship.
  • Helen and Red, married for 71 years and now in assisted living. They went on their first date when she was 16. Red wasn’t interested in an innocent teen so once his gallivanting days were done, he returned to his sweetheart to settle down.
  • George and Farid didn’t become physical until Farid was sure of his younger boyfriend’s commitment. Now married and parents, they’re experiencing unexpected happiness.
  • Leon and Blanca seem mismatched at first glance. He’s over six feet and she’s under five. Their passion has survived 26 break-ups over two years. Leon’s polyamorous lifestyle is a constant test for the monogamous Blanca.
  • Linda and Margie met online. Linda was separated from her husband and Margie was still married to a man. They couldn’t deny their deep connection.
  • Yasmin and Mohamed, happily married nine months. A young Egyptian-American couple, their courtship was dictated by age-0ld custom and family strictures.
  • Fatima and Kevin almost broke up after Fatima found explicit texts on his phone. But Kevin still wants this relationship to work and Fatima still loves him.
  • Randy and Julie’s jobs force them to spend a lot of time apart. Their physical bond is starting to suffer, but they’re still committed to arguing productively and having fun together.


Americans in Bed premieres tonight at 9/8c on HBO.

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