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Necessary Roughness “The Game’s Afoot” 

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/USA Network

It’s about time! After weeks and weeks of references to the elusive Joseph Crabcheck, last night’s episode finally brought the answers we’ve been looking for. Okay, so maybe not exactly “answers.” It still feels like I’m trying to figure out a puzzle using only the edges but I’m grateful to finally have something to work with.

As the episode begins, Nico reveals to Dani why he stayed in town instead of going to Dallas….which hardly comes as a surprise. The FBI essentially blackmailed him to do some digging in to V3 in exchange for wiping his slate clean. However, it was once Dr D and Nico encountered Crabcheck that the surprises began.

Turns out Crabcheck is a nice, mellow-mannered guy who is teaching little league while living under an alias. He initially hesitates to tell Dani anything, but eventually he changes his mind and shows up at her door. Again, he can’t say much but to “look in to the clinic,” which happens to be the same exact clinic TK is currently at….coincidence? I think not.

So from what I gather (which could be completely wrong), Crabcheck and Hutch were given this “miracle drug” which made them excellent ball players but had some nasty psychological side effects. Crabcheck threatened to expose the clinic and instead V3 paid him (via a Children’s Hospital in the Caribbean) to go away and never speak of it again. Hutch, apparently just ran off on his own.

And now TK is being offered this same treatment. I mean, any treatment that takes an injury and makes it in to 110% can’t be legal…or healthy…or without negative side effects, right? Unfortunately, it looks like next week things really come to a head in the steroid scandal and I can only hope it isn’t too late for TK.

Quick other note:  I like Dr. D. I like Nico. But I can’t say I’ve exactly been on board with them “together.” However, last night, the scene on the stairs where he was in a leather jacket (hot!) and she was acting like a coy schoolgirl, I found myself really liking them! While I’m guessing it’s mostly because Nico seems to finally be letting down his guard, I think that Dani is also finally starting to open herself up. I do like them working as a team and only hope their snooping around doesn’t backfire and land them both in hot water. Only two more episodes this season…I can’t even imagine how this will all come to a head.

Necessary Roughness airs on Wednesdays on USA Network at 10/9c.

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