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Necessary Roughness Conversations: Dr. Dani and C-Mac in “Bringing the Heat” 

Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/USA Network

While I found this episode somewhat confusing (Crabchek made up a Children’s Hospital in the Caymans?!), frustrating (really TK?! I thought you were growing up!) and slightly ridiculous (how many times must we be reminded Paloma is MIA?!), I also loved many of the interactions and conversations that it gave us. I can’t deny that I love any and all Dani/TK scenes. They are without a doubt the best and the dynamic these two have, regardless if they’re fighting or friendly, is phenomenal. And we’ll save the debate over that  huge Dani/Nico ending for another time.

However, this week I’ve decided to focus on a different pair who also really delivered. Regular readers know that I’ve been a fan of Connor’s since day one. I think he’s brought a great new energy to the show and I love the direction it has taken both Dani and her work. We’ve seen Connor be charming, we’ve seen him be ruthless and we’ve even seen him pull out the big guns, but this week’s face-off with Dani elevated them both to a whole new level. Watching them go at it over Dani’s contract, V3’s clients and Connor’s rules made it clear that all gloves were off. Neither of them was holding back and I love watching Dani stand up for her clients regardless of the circumstances….but that’s not to say Connor can’t stand his own ground:

Dani: “I’m not gonna drop Hutch when he needs me most and I’m certainly not gonna drop him because you told me to”

Connor: “Santino, look around. Have you seen this place? V3. This is my game. I make the rules and if you don’t like them, you know exactly where the door is.”

And my favorite part, which I can’t put in words, was Dani’s look when she delivered her line. Pure defiance. I love that John Stamos has forced Callie Thorne to step up her game and even though these two ended up making nice once they had cooled down (for which I also must admit that I adore and admire Connor…that apology was exceptional), I have to admit that I’m hoping to see them both work together and butt heads again the future. They are both strong and determined individuals, which can not only make them one another’s greatest asset, but also one another’s greatest obstacle.

Necessary Roughness airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

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