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We Need to Know: When will Will and Mac start acting like grown ups on HBO’s The Newsroom? 


Although the underlying theme of this season is supposed to be based on the fictional American war crime story known as “Genoa”, it seems to me that the real “war crime” is still taking place between Will, Mackenzie and their failed relationship.

With no sign of Dr. Habib (Will’s therapist) and his insight, the emotionally troubled anchor is still suffering from a bruised ego. We already know that Mac cheated on him. We’re reminded of it in every episode. Don’t get me wrong, I love these two; after all, they have an established history and an undeniable chemistry between them. That being said, how many times do we have to see Will do or say something else to torture himself, Mac and anyone else who gets in his way? This week it’s Gossip Columnist, Nina Howard; although, by the end of the episode, I’m not really sure she sees it that way.

The first time we met these two journalistic snobs, was last season at a New Year’s Eve party when Will struck up a conversation with the queen of “takedown pieces”; however, he managed to strike down himself after tossing her aside and criticizing her work. The theme continued to play out throughout the first season as Ms. Howard splashed and trashed McAvoy’s personal life across the tabloids. Little did we know that Ms. Nina had a conscience and in the season finale, she deleted the now infamous voicemail; the one where Will admits he’s never stopped loving Mackenzie. Shocker – Not!

So here we are into the third episode and poor Mac is still obsessed and nagging her former lover about what was on the message she never got to hear courtesy of ACN President Reese Lansing and his antics with the NSA.

Meanwhile, Will is still taunting Mac and he’s even more frustrated with her than ever, but in a surprise twist, Will decides to invite Nina to meet him privately in a conference room and on the record confesses the truth to her about why he was pulled from the 9/11 anniversary coverage. Turned on by the truth, the two hit the sheets and just on cue – pun intended – Nina receives a phone call from you know who wanting to know what Will said on the message.

However, considering the circumstances unbeknownst to Mac, her new found frenemy tells her a little white lie and Will is just fine with that, after all it’s just one more way for the battle to continue between these two exes.

With their minds still stuck on each other and still in the past, their future is about to come crumbling down around them. Considering Mac’s poor decision making about her staff and stories, I’m not surprised. However, when the fall out from the botched “Genoa” story hits the fan; who will take the fall? Stay tuned.

The Newsroom airs Sundays on HBO at 10/9c.

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