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Graceland Character Development: Briggs is [SPOILER]? 

Photo Credit: Jeff Daly/USA Network

[Warning: Spoilers for Latest Episode]

Briggs is Odin?!? Odin is Briggs?! I don’t even know how to respond to this! I’ll admit, at first I thought that this might be a part of Briggs’ masterplan…after all, the man is QUICK when it comes to thinking on his feet and pretending to be a man no one has ever seen isn’t exactly far-fetched. However, the fact that in “Goodbye High” he turned off his watch and no one else on the team had ANY clue sent up some red flags. And then I saw the promo for next week and promptly panicked. Is he REALLY Odin? I mean, we know he’s been keeping secrets (which were clearly weighing on him heavily this episode) and that the FBI is suspicious of him, but I did not see this coming. That being said, I don’t know that I’m entirely sold on it yet…I’ve always been a big Briggs fan and WANT so badly to believe he’s the good guy that I can’t help but give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s smart and fearless (did you see him face down Jangles? He barely even flinched!) and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, which could either mean that he’d be excellent at double-crossing the FBI or that he is still on our team but two steps ahead of us. After all, he could just be playing this situation to his advantage and may even bring the REAL Odin out of the shadows in the process. Or at least I hope.

Graceland is back in two weeks with a new episode. Look for “Bag Man” to air Thursday August 8 @ 10/9c on USA Network. Here’s a promo:

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