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Comic-Con 2013 Quick Takes: Bates Motel 



Freddie Highmore considers Norma’s relationship with Norman to be slightly dodgy, while Vera Farmiga thinks it’s normal. Vera argues that everything she does for Norman is a form of ‘holding therapy’ and meant to help him. Re-imagining these iconic characters, Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin knew there were only two things that they couldn’t mess with: Norman Bates losing his mind and the house. You can’t improve upon Alfred Hitchcock, but you can put them in a modern setting and see what happens.

Some things to look forward to in season 2:

  • There’s romance in the air for both Norma and Norman.
  • We might meet Norma’s brother.
  • The bypass story will be major.

Other tidbits:

Nestor Carbonell didn’t care for the sheriff very much at first either, but that’s why he was drawn to him. People might come to understand him and realize what type of pressure he’s under this season

Vera pitched an idea to the producers that we’ll see in episode 2 of season two. Carlton’s one word tease is: Sandman.

Bates Motel returns in 2014 on A&E.

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