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Comic-Con 2013 Quick Takes: Vikings Season 2 Talk + Trailer [VIDEO] 

Ethan Miller/WireImage
Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/WireImage

[Warning: Spoilers for second season]

Season two of History’s Vikings doesn’t set sail until 2014, but at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, fans got a little taste of what to expect. The cast and creator Michael Hirst gathered for a panel where they played an epic sneak peek to end the festivities. Let’s just say one of the show’s fan faves is in dire straits. See for yourself:

Vikings season two sneak peek:

Hirst did manage to spill a little about the next phase in the Vikings era. He said all the major characters will have to make huge choices and huge sacrifices. Next season will have to get bigger and better so there will be bigger armies and more boats to go with those huge choices and sacrifices. As for Travis Fimmel’s Ragnar, he may be the new earl, but he’s going to have family stuff to deal with. There’s the loss of his son and daughter and — oh yeah — the fact that he stepped out on Lagertha. Katheryn Winnick said about her character: “I think she needs to kick some serious ass.” So, we’re guessing Ragnar and Lagertha will definitely be dealing with this infidelity.

George Blagden [Athelstan] talked about his character possibly becoming a full Viking. He said he’d be quite disappointed if it was easy for Athelstan to choose to become a full Viking. “He’s a very religious man,” Blagden teased. As you can see from the sneak peek, Rollo and Ragnar’s road is definitely not a smooth one. And as for Siggy, it was funny because someone asked Jessalyn Gilsig if her character was going to have a new love interest. Gilsig said that she doesn’t know if Siggy is going to have a love life “but she’s definitely going to be busy.” Also expect some sort of time jump at some point in the new season. As Hirst stated, he left a lot of cliff-hangers that will have to be dealt with, “which I thought was incredibly clever of me because I thought they [History Channel] would have to commission a second season.”

We will have more about Vikings season two in the future. We were fortunate to get to talk to Hirst and the Vikings cast. And we love what they had to say about the show and season two.

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