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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Kiera Tells Carlos the Truth, Continuum “Second Truths” 

Photo Credit: Showcase
Photo Credit: Showcase

Kiera and Carlos have had an easy rapport with each other, but the second season has thrown a few kinks into the mix as Kiera’s competence and sanity were questioned and VPD had a leadership shakeup. It all came to a head in “Second Truths.”

Kiera is kidnapped and nearly killed, and she has a complete meltdown about what it would mean if she hadn’t survived. All that time travel stuff we think about as viewers just flooded over her–if she died here, then she’d never get back to 2077 and this would be all her life was.

So she acts fast and convinces the killer to shoot her, only her gun backfires on him and she lies there waiting, until Carlos arrives and sees the gun reset by itself. He frees Kiera and she tells him everything she was thinking–that all her secret keeping and lies would mean nothing if she died there in that basement.

He’s confused but he tells her one of the only ways she could have known everything she did about the serial killer was if she was in on it, but he knew that couldn’t be true. She apologizes for keeping him in the dark, tearful about all of it unraveling, telling him he never would have believed her before now. “Tell me everything,” he says quietly. She takes a deep breath and begins,”My name is Kiera Cameron, and I came here from the year 2077…”

I LOVE that this is finally on the table, and I look forward to the ways Victor Webster and Rachel Nichols will get to play this now that Carlos finally knows the truth and so much of what Kiera’s been up to before now suddenly makes sense. Now we’re cooking.

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  1. Mike Sullivan

    Funny thing about time travel. Lets say Kiera was born in 2047 and after she goes back in time, she dies in 2013. Well heck! When the clock rolls back around to 2047, little baby Kiera will be born all over again!

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