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Guest Star Goodness

Guest Star Goodness: Necessary Roughness “Snap Out of It” 

Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/USA Network

As much as it would have been great to see Dr. Dani succeed in getting Nolan Powers the help he needed, it was more powerful to know that she didn’t get through to him. His Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) wasn’t magically cured within a forty plus minute episode of television. Here’s hoping that she’ll get another shot at helping him get the treatment he needs later this season. The way “Snap Out of It” ended, the character could absolutely return. This might be the first time that the case was just as interesting (if not more) than the other drama going on including TK and Sheera’s weird personal-turned-professional relationship; and Dr. Dani getting hit on by a very forward co-worker. Plus, the mystery that is Nico grew deeper. Who is Alex Careles? What relation is this person to Nico?  Inquiring minds want to know. Now on to some Guest Star Goodness because when it comes to guest stars, Necessary Roughness knows how to deliver.

Ioan Gruffudd

Necessary Roughness - Season 3
Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/USA Network

Necessary Role: As motivational speaker, Nolan Powers, he is confident, charming and borderline arrogant, preaching his belief in humanities need to “snap out of it” and take charge of their lives. However, we later discover that Nolan’s advice may not be as successful as it seems. It becomes clear that Nolan himself suffers from dissociative identity disorder and often reverts to his alter-personality, Scotty, which he developed as a child to protect himself from some sort of trauma or abuse. As Scotty, Gruffudd is meek, awkward and mumbly, a stark visual and interactive difference from Nolan. And I have to say, Ioan was phenomenal. His transition is so marked that you can’t help but identify which personality he is exhibiting at any given time. Ioan Gruffudd did a brilliant job playing not one but two characters in “Snap Out of It.”
TV Credits: Sure Ioan’s known for playing Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four movies, but he’s a small screen kind of guy, too. Fans of the former CW series Ringer will recognize Ioan Gruffudd. He played Sarah Michelle Gellar’s husband in the short-lived drama. He also recently guest starred on Castle. But early in his career, he gained fame for playing Lt. Horatio Hornblower in a British series of TV movies.

Sam Page

Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/USA Network
Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/USA Network

Necessary Role: Sam Conte who works for V3’s L.A. office. With a smile like his, its inevitable that women go weak in the knees around him…and that’s exactly what happened to Dr D. But we can hardly blame her…if we were subject to his clever wit and charming come-ons, we’d probably do the same. The guy is smooth and suave and is Dani’s first step back in to the dating pool after saying goodbye to Matt. While his character was interesting, we didn’t really get to see much depth to him. Reportedly, Sam Page will be around for two episodes. But we’d love to see him back for more than that. He doesn’t need to be a regular, but if he works for the West Coast office, we think a visit every few months is hardly out of the question. Something tells us Dr. Dani wouldn’t mind one bit.

TV Credits: Page has appeared on a variety of shows such as All My Children, Mad Men, Shark and Switched at Birth. He also had an impressive guest appearance on one of our faves — Scandal. He played a potential Congressman who was in love with his brother’s wife. We featured Page in a Guest Star Goodness for Scandal‘s season two episode “Boom Goes the Dynamite.” 
Alaina Huffman

Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/USA Network
Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/USA Network

Necessary Role: Allie, Nolan Powers’ Long suffering wife. By the end of the episode, her marriage to her husband is in ruins. It was such a sad story. Although, we would have loved to have seen what she was going through a little more in the second half of the episode.
TV Credits: Huffman was very much the red-head in this Necessary Roughness role, wasn’t she? Most recently Huffman played the badass demon Abaddon in three season eight episodes of the CW’s Supernatural including the season finale, “Sacrifice.” Genre shows are kind of her thing. She was Dinah Lance/Black Canary in several episodes of Smallville and she was a regular on Syfy’s Stargate Universe (SGU). She was in an episode of Alphas and she was DEA Agent Maureen Bowers in a series called Painkiller Jane. Some of her non-genre appearances include guest starring on NCIS, NCIS: LA, The O.C. and CSI: Miami.

Necessary Roughness airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

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