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Continuum Preview: “Second Truths” [VIDEO and INTERVIEW] 

Photo Credit: Kharen Hill/Syfy

[WARNING: SPOILERS for recent Continuum episodes]

Syfy’s Continuum has been getting more intense every week.

Betty is the mole? Why does Kiera keep pushing Carlos away? A splintered Liber8 — is that even more dangerous? And will Dillon ever be back in charge? When is Agent Gardiner going to lighten up where Kiera is concerned? Never? What else are we going to learn about Kiera’s suit? So many questions. The Betty is a mole reveal was excellent. It’s going to be exciting to follow her journey — how long will it take Carlos and Kiera to figure this little bit of news out? This Kellog/Alec partnership is interesting as well. It’s wonderful how Alec — while young — is savvy enough to take care of his interests. He is calling the shots. He owns 51% of Sadtech. Wow. He’s definitely on the path to becoming the future Alec we’ve seen glimpses of in the 2077 world.

Tonight’e episode is called “Second Truths.” A synopsis: Kiera investigates a serial killer case that she remembers studying, and plans to use her knowledge of the future to solve it. Her biggest obstacle…Carlos.

One of the aspects I’ve been most fascinated by is how the Carlos/Kiera relationship/partnership/friendship has been developing. While I feel like they depended on each other a lot during the first season as they were getting to know each other, in season two things seemed to have changed. It’s like Kiera wants to let Carlos in but she is holding on to this big lie about herself and where she comes from so she’s erected this wall between them. She also seems to want to protect him from her sometimes shadier ways of dealing with situations.

In a conference call with press that went down earlier this summer, the show’s two stars — Rachel Nichols and Victor Webster –talked about season two in regards to the relationship between their characters:

Photo Credit: Kharen Hill/Syfy

RACHEL NICHOLS: I think their [Kiera and Carlos’] journey this season is extremely important. And it really sets up, you know, knock on wood, future seasons of the show. And yeah, I think episode five [last week’s “Second Opinion”] and episode six [“Second Truths” — which airs tonight in the U.S.] are two that I would highlight in season two.

VICTOR WEBSTER: I think the relationship between her and I really goes through a big rollercoaster this year. And our friendship is tested, it’s validated, it goes through the whole gambit of different trials and tribulations.

RACHEL: Well, you know, at the end of season one and the beginning of season two, Kiera’s very much a lone wolf. And she’s sort of – kind of alienated Carlos and sort of Alec in a certain way. And as far as her relationship with Carlos goes, you know, he’s like her best friend, whether he knows it or not. And she’s really dependent on him.

And getting them through season two so that they can continue on together essentially as partners is extremely important. And I would just – I mean, speaking in very vague terms which I know is super annoying, it’s just…what transpires in season two will only lend itself to them being able to continue the path that they’re on together.

And his understanding of her definitely grows because it has to. And essentially she’s not working for the VPD at the beginning of the season and she needs to get back in to continue the fight. And Carlos is her biggest supporter. And he’s the only person that has never let her down, and that is defined this season.

VICTOR: I think that there was a feeling-out process – obviously people coming together, working for a common goal in season one, I think there are a lot of question marks. I feel like season two they’ve gotten to know each other really, really well. I think Carlos trusts Kiera tremendously. She’s always got his back. But there is that lingering cloud of questions hanging over top and that’s what is really going on. Because it’s not everything that it seems.

So the relationship has not reached its full potential because of that. So I think that in season one they have grown to trust each other. And season two they’ve now gotten to that point and I think Carlos is getting close to needing answers and wanting to know what the hell’s going on. So I think that there’s an evolution that is at some point, it could be either this season or next season, has to come to a head at one point. And that’s it.

RACHEL: And for me, it was revealed in episode nine of last year when we were out at the farm and Carlos was wounded and incoherent and losing a lot of blood and Kiera said, you know, you’re my best friend and I lie to you every day and it kills me. And she tells him, “I have a son,” you know.

And obviously he doesn’t really absorb any of this. But Kiera is in a very painful position when it comes to Carlos. Because he is her partner, he is her best friend. He trusts her. He sticks his neck out for her. He defends her. And she’s lying to him on a daily basis. And if she can’t – she can’t say hey, what’s up, I’m from the future. That doesn’t work. That’s a sure fire way to get him to go running in the other direction.

So, you know, season one was a lot of sort of setting up that relationship and using Alec to help navigate that relationship, and help create answers when answers needed to be created. But it’s something that’s very, very painful for Kiera. And I think in season two you see how those complications have to be fleshed out in the best way possible for the situation, which inevitably does bring Kiera and Carlos closer.

Although, the reality is — especially for Kiera — the reality of it is sort of I would say more – I would go with more painful. But yeah, you’ll see a lot in season two about – with Kiera and Carlos becoming closer. And they’re still doing that dance. That dance still exists. It changes a little bit, but it still exists.

Continuum airs Fridays on Syfy at 10/9c.

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