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Guest Star Goodness

Guest Star Goodness: Franklin & Bash “By the Numbers” 

Photo Credit: Darren Michaels/TNT

“By the Numbers” was a very entertaining episode. I liked how Peter and Jared ended up defending the actuary guy they had previously gone up against in court. The Franklin and Bash banter was fun as well. Like I’ve been saying all season long, me thinks the show has figured out the banter factor. They are funny without being completely over the top. Keyword is completely. They’re always a little over the top. Regardless, it’s all working for me.

I loved Jared questioning Jill, Wendell’s assistant — her testimony dealt in odds and stats mixed in with emotion. I almost felt bad for her — she was in love with Wendell. And he never noticed her. But that doesn’t mean she should have resorted to murder. By the way, how cute was Carmen’s crush on Wendell? Love that they went out for a drink at the end.

The quality Infeld and Damien time was great to watch. I do feel bad that Damien and Infeld “Franklin and Bashing” it meant Karp had to get up close and personal with so many bees. Poor Damien. And OK, Infeld said he had been accused of murder three times — twice falsely. Hilarious. But also scary.

Peter and Charlie made some serious romantic progress — but I wonder how long it will last. After all, he learned Charlie has a daughter named Tess. Immediately, Peter’s commitmenet issues started flaring up. But, the best news of all, is the wall coming tumblin’, crumblin’ down. Yes, Rachel finally removed that stupid wall she put up to separate Peter and Jared. The boys are back together in the same office. Yay!

Now on to this week’s Guest Star Goodness. “By the Numbers” featured so many familiar faces:

Martin Starr

Martin Starr in Franklin & Bash
Photo Credit: Darren Michaels/TNT

F&B Role: Wendell Singletary — the quirky actuary whose delivery was deadpan but was able to attract the attention of ladies everywhere, including Carmen, Noelle and some lady who simply walked by him. It was great how he called on Franklin and Bash to defend him knowing they would be creative in finding a way to prove his innocence. He knew the odds of acquittal would be in his favor with Peter and Jared defending him. Wendell was a very entertaining client. Loved his interactions with Jared and Peter. Martin Starr was awesome in “By the Numbers.”
TV Credits: He was Bill Haverchuck on the late great (totally short-lived) series Freaks and Geeks. He did three episodes of Roswell, was Roman DeBeers on Starz’s critically acclaimed comedy Party Down (a show I’m putting on my ‘to watch someday’ list), and was Professor Cligoris on the “Geography of Global Conflict” episode of Community.

Jennifer Aspen

Jennifer Aspen in Franklin & Bash
Photo Credit: Darren Michaels/TNT

F&B Role: She played Noelle’s (the victim’s) sister, Rayann.
TV Credits: Aspen gained fame as one of Charlie’s love interests on Party of Five. And she guest starred in several episodes of Glee in the early days (she played Jessalyn Gilsig’s sister). She was Bobby Singer’s neighbor in the Bobby-centric episode of Supernatural that its star Jensen Ackles directed, called “Weekend at Bobby’s.” And she was a series regular on ABC’s underrated and canceled after one season series, GCB.

Hillary Tuck

Nora Dunn & Hillary Tuck in Franklin & Bash
Photo Credit: Darren Michaels/TNT

F&B Role: Jill — Wendell’s assistant — the one that murdered Noelle.
TV Credits: While watching Franklin & Bash, I knew she looked familiar but I couldn’t quite remember where I had seen her before. Well, she was in season one of NBC’s Saturday morning TNBC series, Hang Time. She played Samantha Morgan on the show. She was also one of the Szalinskis on the Disney’s syndicated series Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. More recently, she’s been in episodes of NCIS, Necessary Roughness and Longmire.

Nora Dunn
F&B Role: The judge in the murder trial.
TV Credits: Dunn was a fixture on Saturday Night Live for five years. She also had a recurring role on Sisters as a TV producer named Norma Lear, was on several episodes of HBO’s Entourage (Dr. Marcus) and The Nanny (Dr. Reynolds) and guest starred on The X-Files, Psych and Private Practice.

Harrison Page
F&B Role: A witness in the case against Wendell Singletary.
TV Credits: Page is a veteran TV actor having appeared in several episodes of Gimme a Break; he was Captain Trunk in the 80s comedy Sledge Hammer!; was Reverend Mark Newman in a bunch of episodes of Ally McBeal and recurred as Rear Admiral Stiles Morris for several seasons of JAG. He’s also guest starred in everything from Kojak and Hill Street Blues to Melrose Place and Grey’s Anatomy.

Courtney Gains
F&B Role: Lyle, represented the City of Venice against Summer Wallace, the beekeeper.
Credits: Usually I just stick to reeling off someone’s TV credits, but I know Courtney Gains best from the movies. He was Patrick Dempsey’s even nerdier friend, Kenneth Wurman, from one of my favorite 80s movies, Can’t Buy Me Love. The red-headed actor was also in Children of the Corn (Malachai) and Back to the Future (Dixon). And he’s guest starred in some great TV shows like 21 Jump Street, Silk Stalkings, Seinfeld, Alias and Southland.

Franklin & Bash airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

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