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Franklin & Bash Season 3 Premiere Preview: “Coffee and Cream” and “Dead and Alive” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Williams & Hirakawa
Photo Credit: Williams & Hirakawa

I don’t think I could be any more excited for the return of TNT’s hit series Franklin & Bash. I’m already wondering what kind of trouble Peter and Jared are going to get into and how amazing is it that Heather Locklear is joining the cast? Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Locklear on the same show? Saved by the Bell meets Melrose Place? Yes, please. I am a bit sad that Garcelle Beauvais won’t be part of the action this year, however. But I’ll deal with it.

Season three kicks off with back-to-back episodes called “Coffee and Cream” and “Dead and Alive.” Some info:

Overview for the season: Besides dealing with a new boss (played by Heather Locklear), Jared and Peter adjust to new surroundings as they move into a beach house in Malibu.  The cases the guys will tackle include a world famous magician, defending a dead man who is in fact alive, a heckling baseball fan and the owner of a space meteor.  Season three will also feature an impressive list of guest stars including Piers Morgan, Martin Starr, Tom Lennon, Jay Chandrasekhar, Jane Seymour, Adam Goldberg and a few surprises.

One of my favorite guest stars that’ll be dropping in on the boys? Rob. Lowe. You heard me.

Synopsis for “Coffee and Cream”: After legal heavyweight Rachel King (Heather Locklear) humiliates Franklin & Bash on national television, Stanton hires her to help run the firm. Peter and Jared represent a famous magician (guest star Adam Goldberg) after a bracelet vanishes and never reappears. Damien intentionally re-releases an embarrassing viral video with hopes to expedite his judicial appointment. Pindar finds a termite in his bed and has the house tented, but staying on the outside proves too difficult and results in the Man Cave’s destruction.

Synopsis for “Dead and Alive“: The gang moves into Infeld’s beach house and Peter is quick to pursue their beautiful neighbor, Charlie (guest star Nicky Whelan). Jared and Peter must prove a veteran is alive after a clerical error wrongfully pronounced him deceased and he is poised to lose his house. Karp is increasingly concerned about Infeld’s erratic behavior, which comes to a head when he befriends a Ukrainian drive-through worker and plans to marry her for a visa extension so she can pursue the American dream.

Franklin & Bash season 3 starts tonight on TNT. “Coffee and Cream” airs at 9/8c. “Dead and Alive” airs at 10/9c.

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