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TV Goodness Q&A: Moon Bloodgood Talks Falling Skies [INTERVIEW] 

Photo Credit: James Dittiger/TNT
Photo Credit: James Dittiger/TNT

Warning: Mild Spoilers Ahead

We’re only 3 episodes into Falling Skies’ third season and Moon Bloodgood‘s Anne Glass has helped a number of harnessed kids get rid of their alien parasites and given birth to a scary baby. Now Charleston is being attacked by…humans? TV Goodness participated in a roundtable discussion with Moon before the start of season 3. We talked about baby Alexis, what’s to come between Anne and Tom, and what she thinks about these new aliens.

Q: Tell us about Alexis.

Moon Bloodgood: “You kind of think it’s in my head and then you realize that it’s not. The baby is acting very peculiar. We don’t really know what’s going on with the child. We just know that this child is 3 days old and already standing up and saying ‘Hello,’ and having that crazy, scary giggle that only babies from horror movies can have. ”

Q: What’s is like that nobody believes you? Do they think it’s just your hormones?

Moon: “They do. They think it’s postpartum depression because [the baby’s] not doing it around them. Any normal, rational human being would think it was in your head. But Anne is the most rational person. She’s so calm. She’s never hysterical. She never had grand ideas of anything off-kilter so she really resents the fact that no one believes her. It’s very real for her and I think she makes a decision, ok if no one’s gonna believe me then I’m gonna take matters into my own hands.”

Q: So does it send her on a different journey this season?

Moon: “Yes. She voluntarily leaves and then involuntarily doesn’t. [Laughs.] That makes no sense.”

Q: How does Anne adjust to Tom’s role as the President?

Moon: “I was missing him, deeply missing him but didn’t want to be the jerk who said, ‘You know you’re so busy with saving everybody else…’ because I think Anne has never been the kind of person who puts herself first. She’s very selfless. I mean she’s a doctor. She’s not gonna be that person who requires a lot of attention. We all miss him, he’s completely busy. We start off the season and he’s just being pulled in a million directions so she feels like she misses him. At one point she says, ‘I kinda miss being on the road. We saw each other more.’ But that was Anne’s way of saying, ‘I miss you.’ Then when the baby comes and starts acting crazy she goes into a different head space. But you see that they’re actually not as tight. You see a subtle disconnect because he doesn’t believe her plus he’s not spending a lot of time with her so I think she realizes ok. And at one point he sends Lourdes’ character to spy on me so I realize he doesn’t trust me. So that in any relationship is not a good moment.”

Q: Is there a human connection to the baby at all?

Moon: “Absolutely. Let’s just say I had a baby that was acting peculiar. It’s your baby. Even if your baby was being threatening, it’s your child. And I think you cannot cut that part of you that’s maternal [off.] I think you’d be more worried. You would not disconnect. I love this child. I am not scared of this child. I am just deeply concerned that something’s wrong and I sort of realize I’m alone in that and I feel alienated and I have to act and act quick.”

Q: How does this change Anne’s relationship with Lourdes?

Moon: “[In ‘Badlands’] Lourdes at one point kind of goes behind my back because she’s worried about my mental state of mind. And so I feel betrayed by both Tom and by her. Those are the two people I trust the most. That was fun to play that scene – we kind of get in an argument and I do something bad to her. That’s good though. That’s good drama. It’s never gonna get catty between us but – and we’re very close off-screen – any time we have to do something like that we giggle. We love it. We want more. We don’t just want to be doing boring medical terms together we want to show the life of our relationship.”

Q: Will Anne get to encounter Cochise at any point?

Moon: “I hope so. Doug Jones is one of our favorite people. I think Cochise is one of our best surprises. That’s a trick that can work or not work. If you’ve got an alien who is now interacting with you, you’re taking a risk. But I think any time you take a risk it’s better. You have a better chance of making the show more exciting and I hope we have scenes together because he just looks great. The way they set him up and the way they use CGI, he looks very human-like and he’s very empathetic but he has a couple twists and turns, his character so…”

Q: Can you really trust the new aliens?

Moon: “So you’ve got the rebel skitters who are now on our side, and then you have the skitters that are fighting for the Espheni. Now you have the Volm – there’s so many new aliens – and, yes, how can you ever trust anything that is different than you? You see Will Patton’s character battling with whether we can trust [them] but at some point Tom Mason has to make that decision. We need them so we have to trust them. They haven’t given us a reason not to.”

Falling Skies airs Sundays at 10/9c on TNT.

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