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The Client List Preview: Season 2 Finale [VIDEO and PHOTOS] 

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/Lifetime
Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/Lifetime

The Client List wraps its second season tonight with back-to-back episodes starting an hour earlier at 9/8c. When the season began, I confessed it was one of my guilty pleasure shows, and while the second season has been solid, it veered wildly from season one, and in some ways was a completely different show, but series star and producer Jennifer Love Hewitt worked her butt off. Here’s what’s been going on:

  • Riley took over the Rub and Georgia moved to Houston and married Harold, a bar owner, who has no clue about her past.
  • Evan moved on from Riley to a job at Beaumont PD, and picked up a pretty cadet girlfriend in the process.
  • Linette was relegated to rehab, which Riley paid for when she accepted her client’s indecent proposal, for most of the season, so we got less of Cybill Shepherd (boooo!).
  • Kyle moved back home, having returned to Riley’s good graces.

On top of all that, the client list was the MacGuffin–Georgia asked Riley to hide it; she did so in a comically cloak-and-dagger manner and then one of her employees followed her, took it, and handed it off to her pimp/drug dealer/bad guy boyfriend (an almost unrecognizable Johnathon Schaech, who co-starred with Hewitt on the Party of Five spin-off Time of Your Life several years ago).

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/Lifetime
Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/Lifetime

As we head into tonight’s two-parter, Riley has discovered the list is missing, Evan is part of a prostitution task force sanctioned by a judge who’s also one of her clients, and Lacey may have a baby coming via adoption. No word on a renewal yet, but Hewitt is expecting a baby this fall, so any third season would likely track later into 2014 for a kickoff. Here’s a sneak peek of “What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am” and “Wild Nights are Calling.”

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