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Continuum Season 2 Premiere Preview: “Second Chances” [VIDEO] 

Photo credit: Showcase
Photo credit: Showcase

Continuum (which was just renewed by its Canadian broadcaster for a third season–yay!!) launches its second season in the U.S. tomorrow on Syfy, at its new day and time–Friday at 10 pm/9 c.

When we pick up, some time has lapsed since the bombing at the close of season one, and Kiera’s been on leave. Alec has moved out of his mom’s house–we don’t get a definitive answer on why–and been a bit AWOL on Kiera’s CMR.

Kellog is still around, but he hasn’t seen Kiera on the regular since their one night together and him helping her leave town. A political assassination brings Kiera back into the VPD and Alec’s and Carlos’s life. We also find out what went down after Sonya pulled that trigger on Travis, and where that leaves what’s left of Liber8. So, a lot is going on as we start the second season.

You can catch a daylong marathon of season one starting at 10 am/9 c and then the premiere at 10 pm/9 c. Heres a sneak peek at “Second Chances.”

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